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May 13, 2009

In the video with this story, “Ex-U.S. Soldier guilty of Iraq rape,” footage is shown of U.S. Marines while the broadcaster speaks of a soldier brutally raping a young Iraqi girl.

As a former sergeant in the U.S. Marine Corps, this story is flagrantly insulting to the Marine Corps by showing footage of U.S. Marines while talking about an Army soldier raping and killing Iraqis. Not only does the video completely misrepresent the intent of the story, but it paints a convoluted image of Iraq by showing old footage of Marines.

I would like to think this isn’t an attempt to discredit the efforts of the Marine Corps.


No insult was intended. Obviously the background video does not show the actual incident. No one would think that it does. It shows U.S. troops on duty in Iraq, with no faces visible. I would doubt if many viewers can tell whether the troops seen here are from the Army or the Marines: GBU Editor

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The GBU editor says “I would doubt if many viewers can tell whether the troops seen here are from the Army or the Marines.”

Say what?

That would hardly seem to be the point. If you’re talking about the Army, you should *show* the Army. Anything else would seem to me to be just plain poor journalism. To assert that it’s okay to substitute one for the other just because most viewers might not be able to tell the difference is flat out wrong and irresponsible.

I wonder whether Reuters would substitute picture of a Ford car for a Chevrolet when presenting a story on General Motors automobiles or just putting up any picture of a random African American when writing a story about President Obama.

Of course, you wouldn’t.

So why would you think it’s fair to show just any military personnel when doing a story about a specific member of a specific branch of the service?

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you got to love these irrascable republicans. out of power only a few short months and they want to continue to dictate what can and cannot be done on any given issue. oh and they show their obvious disrespect for the president at every turn. so sure they are right,always insulting, never willing to compromise. the “values party” truly needs to learn and show some common decency.

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Most people don’t follow hockey too closely so next time you run a story about the Dallas Stars, why not use pictures of Coyote players? Who’s going to know the difference anyway?

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