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May 14, 2009

wanted to know why the Environment tab is no longer available.

I am very interested in the Reuters environment issues and would like to see it come back.


I have been using the environmental section of your website to keep up on issues that are important to me. I can’t seem to find it any more. Have you relocated the section or eliminated it?

I liked coming to the home page scanning the news and then linking to the environment page by clicking on news in the left hand column and then clicking on environment. This allowed me to scan the headlines of the the day and then go on to my topic of interest.

I understand that you have to make business decisions when reviewing the content on your site. I am a business person that understands if you are not getting enough impressions you are not serving you advertisers. But as a news organization it is also your responsibility to publish on the important topics in our society. I contend that in the long run environmental/green issues will be the news that will be of the highest priority. We are faced with global warming and scarcity of resources issues that are only going to expand.

I suggest that if you are going to make any decisions about moving the environment link that you give it more prominence. It was buried before and now it seems to be non existent. I would also suggest that the title of environment is too narrow. Green living and sustainable could be added to environment to attract an audience.

In the end, this topic deserves more coverage not less. It is the socially responsible thing to do. It also is a wise business decision because we are all going to feel the impact of these issues. We need credible resources for news on these topics. I am going to publish this letter in my blog today at If you give any response and I have your permission I would also be glad to publish your response.


A number of readers have asked about this.

Environmental news has not gone away. We have just relaunched it as Green Business .

You may read more about the new version here. You’ll still find all the news that was on the old page, but we’ve added more financial content and news from partners with complementary coverage. Please check it out: GBU Editor

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I’d also like to know where the Environment page went, or rather why it has been minimized when the issues on the environment are only continuing to grow?
I was impressed that Reuters had a page dedicated to the Environment- a quality non-bias news source for an important (and often biased) issue.

I urge you to re-instate the environment page.

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RE: Fewer than a third in US would get swine flu jab

Where do you people come off with such a headline regarding a poll of only 1,442 adults? You make it sound as if the entire third of the country is up in arms over this flu shot. And you are counting on the majority of the idiots out there to think so, thereby encouraging them to get this dangerous vaccine made with God knows what health destroying poisons. Reporter Maggie Fox is not qualified to report on cat fights if this is the best she can do.

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I agree with you. Living Green should be given prominence and not pushed into a corner and covered up.

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I agree! Economics is certainly important, but issues like Environment need to be front and centre. I don’t get the strategy behind this….

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