Murder sentence headline

May 26, 2009

Iraqi relatives decry life for U.S. rape soldier

MAHMUDIYA, Iraq (Reuters) – Relatives of a 14-year-old girl who was raped and killed along with her family by U.S. soldiers expressed outrage Friday that the ringleader received a life sentence in a U.S. court instead of execution.

Why does the title of this article omit the fact that the soldier was a murderer as well?  By omitting this, it makes the Iraqi families seem unreasonable to decry life for a rapist (and wanting the death sentence.)

Of course, the first sentence of the article makes the nature of the crime clear. If I were editor, I would have made the title: “Iraqis decry life for U.S. rape/murder soldier” which is even shorter than the original title:


Several readers made similar objections. They have a valid point. The murder element should have been in the headline: GBU Editor

REUTERS/Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office/Handout

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