Unflattering Cheney?

May 28, 2009

Your practice of publishing unflattering photos of Dick Cheney to try and make him look angry and unappealing is a bogus, phony, manipulative, lying practice.

Shame on you. You aren’t journalists. You are propagandists and sellouts. Cheney is right on Gitmo, and 90 members of Congress agree with him.


Since our story said “An unsmiling Cheney delivered his shots without any significant inflection…”  it wasn’t exactly appropriate to dig out a photo of Cheney smiling. But here’s one for  you now: GBU Editor

REUTERS photo by Jason Reed

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In Mohammed’s otherwise fine article on North Korea he says a collapse of the regime would lead to tens of thousands of refugees. Try hundreds of thousands, or perhaps millions going to neighbouring countries. As someone noted: it will make the Vietnam boat people disaster look like a Sunday picnic in comparison.

Posted by Clemens S.Ostergaard | Report as abusive

I never thought it possible, but you seem to be an even bigger damnd jerk than Cheney.

Posted by dlindsay | Report as abusive

Why does anyone still care what Cheney has to say when it comes to policy? It’s not as though he didn’t keep everything close to the vest when he was veep and away from the American people.What floors me is that there are still seemingly intelligent people who fall for anything the Republican leaders say, regardless of whether it’s truth or fiction. Want propoganda? Try reviewing the eight years of the W administration….

Posted by Mike H. | Report as abusive

Cheney has a moral obligation to help Obama succeed in protecting American citizens. He has a duty to facilitate the process. Yes he can advise that the President may be making a mistake but that can be done in the spirit of cooperation rather than the vindictive difficult unhelpful way that he approaches thingsCheney you had your chance whilst in power with President Bush. Now either help or move over, to let the people’s choice do what he was elected to do. Hank says that 90 Representatives agree with Cheney, which by default indicates that about 358 do not!

Posted by William flynn | Report as abusive

I don’t need a bad picture of Cheney, I spent 2004-2008 being ground up by his inappropriate actions and improper use of US Domestic and Foreign Intelligence Agencies as his personal police force.He’s a shame to the Republican Party and has been a curse on the American People and I’m no Democrat. The quicker he drops out of any site, the better off the country will be, he has no reputation left to support.He made his decissions and its a bed he must sleep in which is notably more uncomfortable than that of Richard Nixon. Cheney has become an Icon of abuse of power.So much so that the American people hired a bullsh## artist to replace him. We get the Government we deserve.

Posted by known | Report as abusive

How can the republican party guarantee that they’ll always be on the outside looking in? By keeping Cheney as their poster boy! How dumb does he think the American people are? It’s time for him to crawl back under his Haliburton rock and enjoy the millions he’s made off the lives of fine servicemen who died in his personal war in Iraq.

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