Too many wrong words

June 10, 2009

Energy Secretary proudly admits: “I am a nerd”
While many of President Barack Obama’s cabinet secretaries zoom around the nation’s capital in black sedans, Chu will occasionally pull into Energy Department headquarters on his bike, with his security detail peddling close behind.

Your story today on Energy Secretary Steven Chu riding to work on his bike, “with his security detail peddling close behind,” leave the reader wondering what the Secret Service is peddling. Energy efficient light bulbs, perhaps?
Come on, writers and editors, open the dictionay and remember the homonyms you learned in 5th grade. Bikes aren’t peddled except by salesmen.

EU sees tighter budgets when recovery takes hold
“Most definitely we need to get back on a sustainable track of fiscal policy eventually, but I think 2009 is definitely still too early to start reigning in public spending,” Borg said.

In your lead story at 11:15 am today it should be reining, not reigning.

Ecuador vows tougher line on oil companies
Ecuador has no significant production of precious metals, but foreign companies like Kinross Gold and Corriente Resources have found world-class deposits in the country’s Amazon juggle.

I suspect you meant “jungle.”

Sloppy editing on all counts. We fixed, of course, but not before readers noticed: GBU Editor

US Energy Secretary Steven Chu pauses before answering a question the Reuters Energy Summit in Washington, June 1, 2009. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst


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Wrong words but spelled correctly – we need someone to explore a software to filter these out in our next generation of computer. Perhaps you may win a Nobel prize as Steven Chu did, with the idea.

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A Detail of Secret Service is assigned to Energy Secretary?


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