Why was this relevant?

June 23, 2009

Soros says worst of global crisis is “behind us”

“Decidedly the worst (of the crisis) is already behind us,” said Soros, a 78-year-old Hungarian-born American with Jewish roots.

Why is it relevant in this article, which is not a profile, that Soros has ‘Jewish roots?’

The answer is that it is not relevant, so why is a respected news organization like Reuters allowing it to appear?

Thanks for any explanation that you can provide.


I found this sentence curious because Mr Soros’ religion seems irrelevant to his economic opinions–unless, of course, one believes that Jews know more about money than gentiles. I could frankly understand mentioning his liberal politics or his opinions about George W Bush. But the fact that he’s Jewish? Strange indeed.


I agree. If we felt this detail was relevant we should have made the reason clear in our story. We didn’t: GBU Editor

George Soros, chairman of the Soros Fund Management and Open Society, speaks during an interview with Reuters in New York April 6, 2009. REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton

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Soros earned his fame in his vision and ability in meddling world biz. He won a great a victory in heavily pounding the British pound. The worst is over of course, if he can make it less worse. Only his name is relevant.

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I don’t agree. The Jewish community as such is very cohesive, extremely slow to assimilate and easily replacing assimilated members from within, unless I’m wrong; it is for many purposes a nation in diaspora, especially for cultural purposes. It’s no less meaningful to talk about Soros’ Jewish ancestry than it is to talk about his other national ancestry. I’m a half-Jewish, half-Scottish, fully-assimilated, all-American mutt myself. I kind of like the Jewish culture; Scottish, maybe I like it but I don’t know it’s Scottish. I’m an atheist, by the way.

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seems like everybody finds the mentioning of the jewish ancestry irrelevant to the article.

it’s about as relevant as the fact that he’s Hungarian-born (which is to say not at all).

funnily enough, nobody’s complaining about the relevance of his Hungarian origin.

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Is it relevant..OMG! Yes, it is obvious that we should use the Israeli means of defining people and states by ethnocentric means. Financial powerhouses like Soros should be a source of pride to those who demand a Jewish state.

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