Who crowned the King of Pop?

July 8, 2009

Fans overlook Michael Jackson’s dark side

In the days following the self-proclaimed king of pop’s death on June 25 aged 50, reports of prescription-drug abuse have served as eerie reminders of the pharmaceutical cocktails that Presley was taking before he died in 1977.

I normally have great respect for Reuters, but I am disappointed in your lack of journalistic standards where Michael Jackson is concerned.

Where did the “self-proclaimed king of pop” come from in your “Fans Overlook Michael Jackson’s dark side??

Can you offer your readers evidence that Michael did proclaim himself King of Pop (and if you can, why didn’t you offer it?) or, as I suspect, did you just repeat something you’ve heard other people say without doing your own investigation?


When did you hear him say he was the king of the pop? It’s the people who loved him which gave him this title .

R.I.P MIchael Jackson


Jackson never once said or required anyone to call him “King Of Pop”. And even though tabloids speculated that he “forced” MTV to call him that back in 1991, after years passed, MTV higher management denied that.

When describing himself, Michael was humble — saying that he is a “singer.”


He never called himself the King Of Pop, it was at an Award show where Liz Taylor called MJ . “The king of pop, rock and soul.”

Please stop call him the “self proclaimed King Of Pop” Michael never came out and said I am the King Of Pop.
Liz said it and the fans agreed, along with those printing T-Shirts etc, NOT Michael. Give him respect Please.

Paul H.

Michael Jackson never titled himself the KING of POP!

Stop writing bull!!

You are REUTERS not the SUN – the tabloid!

First find the facts then write the truth!!!

Michael F.

He has never been a self-proclaimed king of pop.Every one knows that.Shame on you that you write like this instead of showing some respect to him.Shame on you, shame on you.


The e-mails streamed in about this one. There were reports in 1991 thatthe TV outlets that got the rights to premiere his “Black or White” had to refer to him as “the King of Pop” as part of  the deal, which appears to be where we got the “self-proclaimed” angle.

I’m not aware that anybody has a clip of Jackson actually calling himself that, which means we should take care in using that description.

Michael Jackson during a news conference in London, March 5, 2009. REUTERS/Stefan Wermuth

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Based on the evidence in so far, I’d call Michael Jackson the King of Pills and Painkillers. Very much like Elvis Presley..

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Whoever said Elizabeth Taylor dubbed MJ the King of Pop at an awards show is correct. Watch it here:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s92B VuQbuyg

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Michael Jackson proclaimed himself the King of Pop at a news conference through a p.r rep if I remember correctly back in the 90’s. Although deservedly I remember being mildly appalled when seeing that and saying to myself that I couldn’t imagine Elvis Presley doing that.

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To Rubbersoul,Proof mate. You need to provide proof. You see how Matt provided evidence? You need to do just that.

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Jackson did dub himself the King of Pop – and he used the title on everything – including his podium for the last press conferenceElvis always told people not to call him the King, Jackson demanded the title from media, and he used it on his promotional materialJackson was not humble – and he was guilty

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I saw the press conference too. They did indeed introduce him as King of Pop, and I thought to myself what an ego Michael Jackson must have. Either that or he is terribly insecure. He was a self promoting artist at the highest level. I guess after 40 years in show business you would learn a few things.

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Oh, you have got to be kidding me. I see where people are saying that MJ promoted himself as the King of Pop, but have not provided any proof that he said this. Just because the people at the news conference introduced him as the King of Pop doesn’t mean that he told them to say it. And still, he did not say it. Also, Elizabeth Taylor loudly proclaimed that MJ was the King of Pop, Rock, and Soul at the Soul train music awards in 1989 or 90.

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