Where is the coverage?

September 16, 2009

Obama warns against scare tactics over healthcare

Protesters in Washington brandished American flags and home-made signs venting their anger at Obama and the Democrats who control both houses of the U.S. Congress, accusing them of pushing the country toward bankruptcy with reckless spending.

“Taxed Enough Already!” one man shouted, while others listened to speakers and traded leaflets. The crowd appeared to be one of the largest rallies against Obama since he took office, although it did not come close to matching the turnout on the National Mall for his inauguration in January.

I’ve not been able to find, on online Reuters, news on that huge protest demonstration in Washington, D.C. on the 12th. I searched news stories in the U.S. section and the Politics section, for the last 7 days. Where should I look? Thanks!

Ted W.

You call yourselves a news organization. But you did even mention the largest march on Washington in years. You are obviously in the Obama camp, hook, line and sinker. How shameful.


Where is the coverage of the Tea Party across the country? Same as all the other lazy no common sense news organizations. Dont have a clue as to whats really happening.


One million or more people protest in DC. Where is the coverage? Would be nice to see some old fashioned reporting.


A number of readers wrote in looking for our coverage of the weekend taxpayer protest in Washington, DC.

We folded two paragraphs on the event into a larger story about a Minneapolis appearance by President Obama on Saturday, but did not have a separate text story.

We did have a video report, but likewise combined it with the Obama story, and the headline, “Obama healthcare plan on the road,” was not exactly user-friendly for readers trying to follow the protests : GBU Editor

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Thousands of demonstrators gather on the plaza near the U.S. Capitol to participate in a “Taxpayer March on DC” protest against President Barack Obama’s fiscal and economic policies including the administration’s health care reform plans in Washington, September 12, 2009. REUTERS/Mike Theiler


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Nearly all of the mainstream news outlets have become de-facto government information centers. I do not believe they will ever report on events or ideas that run against President Obama or the Democratic Party. Now the Democrats and media are attempting to shut down all dissent and protest with charges of racism! How liberal!

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Folding the protest into obamas healthcare coverage debate is a clever way of hiding it. Thank you state media!

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I don’t think inflating our numbers from 50,000 to “over a million” is in anyone’s interest. We are supposed to be the party of truth tellers. We are supposed to be better than the lying dumbocrats. Don’t embarrass the rest of us with distortions.

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Who is John Galt?

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for every protester there there are 10 who could not be there . there was a petition handed to congress 1.35 million signatures, a record against obama care. the so called main stream media is against anyone who does not go along with its own liberal agenda. they will not report news only propaganda. so the American people can do something call the newspaper and drop your subscription tell them why same with with msnbc, cbs , cnn all the liberal news media needs step up to the plate report unbiased news or file for bankruptcy .

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Who said there were 50,000 in DC. I was there, from TN. There were at least 10 times the number that go to UT football games, which are over 100,000 per game.

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I guess there just weren’t enough of us protesting in Washington D.C. on the 12th of September. That must be it. After all, if Michelle Nichols can write a two-page article for Reuters on 300 liberals protesting the G20 in Pittsburgh then there must not have been more than five or six of us in D.C., else SURELY we would have been covered by the media. Guess we’ll need a slightly larger crowd next time, eh?

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