Just a poverty group?

September 17, 2009

Senate denies funds for poverty group

WASHINGTON, Sept 14 (Reuters) – A poverty-rights group that has drawn the ire of conservatives suffered another setback in Washington on Monday when the U.S. Senate voted overwhelmingly to deny it access to federal housing funds.

Are you kidding me?? The headline makes it appear as if our government is withholding funding from an orphanage full of poverty stricken and parentless babies rather than an organization that has been embroiled in controversy for much of the past year (at least).

Why the misleading headline?


Does the headline of your article on the ACORN corruption really fit the content of the article?

Scott W.

How can you refer to ACORN as a “poverty Group?” They have been under investigation for voter fraud, voter tampering, and many other illegal things and now the videos show them helping a prostitute and pimp!! POVERTY GROUP!!??


Reporting ACORN as a poverty group (sounds touching does it not?) is very biased reporting. Come on and tell the truth!!!


You have got to be kidding! This is the most embarrassing “news” piece I have every seen published on Reuters. We know that ACORN lacks integrity. It is becoming painfully obvious that Reuters lacks it as well.


It’s hard to call it a “gotcha” campaign if it happened at three separate offices. Repugnant


I try to read Reuters News on a daily basis due to your normally unbiased reporting, but I am now having second thoughts about my decision. I find it hard to believe that there wasn’t a HEADLINE story on the ACORN scandal covered by Reuters. This is very troublesome and appears that your reporting decisions are questionable, at least. A news agency with such stature should be reporting news, not covering it up. I’m ashamed of Reuters on this one.


You need to get out more often. The poor poverty group you portray in the title of your piece makes it seem as though some group you never heard of has been set upon by the Govt. The poor group has been involved with voter fraud in many cities and now the latest video’s showing them trying to give advice on how to defraud the govt. Is this the same group that just lost the contract to do the CENSUS.  Get out and smell the roses.


A number of readers objected to our shorthand description of Acorn in this headline, as well as to what they considered insufficient coverage of the controversy surrounding the group: GBU Editor

Above: Demonstrators from ACORN’s Home Defenders rally outside the foreclosed home of Marie Elie in Elmont, New York, April 9, 2009. REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton

Below: A participant holds up a pamphlet as he listens to a speaker during a Congressional rally held by The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) on the foreclosure crisis, in Washington, March 11, 2008. REUTERS/Molly Riley

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Calling ACORN a “poverty group” is like calling Al Capone a philanthropist because he ran a soup kitchen in Chicago during the Depression.

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