A cult?

September 28, 2009

Indonesia’s sharia push may scare investors, moderates

Last year, the government imposed restrictions on Ahmadiyya, a minority Muslim cult, following intense lobbying by hardline Muslim groups to have them banned.

I am appalled that in this story the peaceful international Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is described as a ‘cult’.

By that token, you might as well buy into all the Islamist propaganda and describe all westerners as infidels or why not go the whole hog and describe all Muslims as terrorists or fundamentalists. Ahmadi Muslims face enough persecution without having to face this kind of villification by the media.


Given that the word can be used pejoratively, we should not have called Ahmadiyya a cult: GBU Editor

Members of a hardline Muslim group chant slogans and carry posters of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, founder of the Ahmadiyya sect, during a rally against the sect near the presidential palace in Jakarta March 5, 2009. Hundreds of hardline Muslims on Thursday called on the government to completely ban the sect, saying its teachings deviate from fundamental Islamic tenets. REUTERS/Crack Palinggi

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http://islamiczone.netfirms.com/beliefs_ of_the_ahmadiyya_cult.htm

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