The secret dreams of presidents?

October 13, 2009

Obama has honor, and burden, of Nobel award

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Every U.S. president secretly harbors dreams of winning the Nobel Peace Prize.

I saw the headline about Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize. The reporter writing about the event starts off the article with pushing out his own opinion, that every U.S. president secretly longs to win a Nobel Peace prize.

How does he know this? He writes about it as if it is fact but it is totally unsubstantiated. Maybe he should back up that claim with interviews from every one of America’s past presidents saying “I want a Nobel Peace Prize”


Sorry, but I have no problem with that statement. The piece was clearly labeled as Analysis, which means a certain amount of opinion is to be expected. I think it is perfectly reasonable to presume practically anybody who knows what the Nobel Peace Prize would want to win one.

Besides, if we backed up the statement as you suggest, with interviews with past presidents saying they wanted the prize, then these would no longer be secret dreams, would they? GBU Editor

U.S. President Barack Obama smiles after making remarks in the East Room at the White House, October 9, 2009. REUTERS/Jim Young

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This is ridiculous. If they are so-called “secret dreams”, then how can there be “analysis”? Seriously, Are you guys reporters or psychics?

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Analysis infers that there is data that has been analyzed to create the opinion. There is no issue with creative writing in any piece of news reporting, and I personally enjoy it, but the original blog is correct. If it really is a “secret dream of presidents”, then the reporter would not know anyway and it is not substantiated. Having said that, an easy way to handle something like this would have been, “If I was president, my secret dream…”

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Regarding comment ‘I think it is perfectly reasonable to presume practically anybody who knows what the Nobel Peace Prize would want to win one.’

I think that is an extremely wrong assumption.

Many knows what a gold medal from Olympics is.
Many knows what Pulitzer Prize is.
Many knows what Miss Universe is.

Awareness and knowledge automatically translates to desires and interest?

I don’t think so.

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The concept of “secret dreams” is at best dubious and has no placed in an article “labeld as Analysis”. An analysis analysizes facts or data, dreams are for psychoanalysis, and “secret” dreams are an unknown conjecture. The article should have been labeled “opinion”.

An even worse example comes in the NY Times where the journalist Friedman invents a whole imaginary acceptance speech. This is not really journalism but play-writing. Somewhere journalists have lost there way in the forest of opinion and diatribe and are no longer satisfied reporting the “news” but would rather invent it.

The Nobel Prize awarded President Obama was a perfect opportunity for journalists to do some reporting. Most Americans don’t know who makes up the committee or even the reasons given for the Nobel Peace Prize. These were appropriate subjects for any reporter to soberly explain. Instead there was a barage of so-called “analysis”.

CB in Hamburg

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Again, I construe this to be another shoe-shining exercise done by the government of Norway to woo US which sticks its nose to every mickey mouse business around the world. Lured by the notion of Peace, Obama may pull out of Afganistan sooner, ensuing the sole winner Taliban to take over, you bet.
The Nobel prize committee may eventually find themselves doing a bad thing with a good heart.

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Why is this columnist worried about the dreams of the Presidents. It is on record that Mr. Barack Obama never even thought of his nomination, then why all this issue. I think that the Nobel Peace Prize is in advance for the Thorny International Issues which he has to address being a President of USA. All Peace Loving People where ever they are must give their lending hands for this purpose.

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