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October 21, 2009

Darfur kidnap victims endured mock assassinations

KHARTOUM, Oct 19 (Reuters) – Two Darfur aid workers held captive on a harsh mountaintop on the remote Sudan-Chad border for 107 days said they felt anger at mock assassinations by their captors but clung to the hope they would be released.

One shocking howler in your story is your reporter’s repeated use of the term ‘mock assassinations’ when she actually means ‘mock executions’.

A mock assassination would be quite elaborate i imagine, possibly involving hired armored cars, fake explosive charges, by-the-hour-snipers and a nefarious foreign secret service that was only kidding.


Our story used the same word the aid workers used in the interview. As it wasn’t in a direct quote, however, mock executions would have been more appropriate in the context: GBU Editor

Released Ugandan hostage Hilda Kawuki (R) is welcomed by an unidentified official on arrival at Khartoum airport, October 19, 2009. Two kidnapped aid workers Kawuki and Sharon Commins (L) from Irish Goal aid agency will return home on Monday after a three-month ordeal in Sudan’s Darfur region, saying they could not wait to see their families. REUTERS/Mohamed Nureldin Abdallh

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Dear Bob


“Lula’s candidate wins party support in Brazil vote October 21, 02:26pm EDT

BRASILIA, Oct 21 (Reuters) – Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva’s chosen candidate won the support of the country’s largest political party on Wednesday, giving her presidential bid a much-needed boost.”

Could Jackie let us know who is supporting Serra (the other candidate)? Take care lest you guys engage in a somewhat pro-Dilma coverage…

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