Taunting children?

November 2, 2009

Members of the protest group Code Pink taunt local school children with chants about the war in Afghanistan as the children and their families arrive for a Halloween reception by U.S. President Barack Obama and his family at the White House in Washington, October 31, 2009. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst   

I must strongly protest your caption on the photo of protesters outside the White House. Using the verb “taunt” with “local school children” as its object is inaccurate, pejorative and unwarranted.

Who is paying you to run such captions?


Nobody is paying us to “run such captions.” Our photographer says the protesters said things to challenge and confront the children and their parents. For example, one protester dressed as a Wicked Witch was saying things like, “More pretties to die in my war! More pretties!”

He said they were not just protesting the war in general but were, in effect, telling these families that their children were going to die at war. That sounds pretty much like taunting to me: GBU Editor

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I was actually at this event and the majority of the kids and their parents were amused by the little parade. The line was blocks long to get into the event and it was raining. That was the worst thing about that event. The parade of protesters was small and quite cartoonish. I heard nothing from any of them that was worse than any other Halloween type activity.

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I wonder where the truth lies in all of this…one person states that innocent people are being heckled, another states it was not a big deal. I think part of the whole debate is perception..One has a hard time seeing this objectively when their “filter” thfouhg which they view the world is skewed on way of the other. Maybe the protesters said some inappropirate things, but in what they thought was a humorous way…and if you hear with angry ears, then everything sounds worse..Or if you are feelin happy and excited, those remarks are more easily brushed aside…I really with I could figure out what the “truth” is in some of these article I read…

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Seems like taunting to me. I concur with the editor.

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[…] days later, Reuters posted a blog entry responding to criticism of the caption by a Code Pink supporter: “Nobody is paying us to […]

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I have to start out by saying my turing word was “broad” which I think is awesome. As in, “look at these dumb broads – why aren’t they at home doing something useful, like taking their kids to soccer practice?” Probably because they don’t have any – it’s hard to imagine a mother saying things like this to children.

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Not taunting? What exactly would you call it then? Code Pink is an absolute disgrace. Showing up to taunt a bunch of kids? What next going to funerals and mocking the families of the dead? Medea Benjamin is the Fred Phelps of the left.

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Here’s one instance where the Obama WH is doing something supportative of military families but Code Pink tries to ruin it. If Code Pink doesn’t appreciate their perception in the media, they should choose more appropriate events to protest. Most of families probably thought it was a big joke because it looked like one.

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“Medea Benjamin is the Fred Phelps of the left.”

The problem with this statement is that Fred Phelps is a registered Democrat. He IS the left as well…

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Where is the adoring media coverage of these “heroic” wretches protesting Obama? Oh, the media only adores them when they are protesting Bush.

Harassing children? Get a life…

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[…] the Reuters reporter was appalled and used the word “taunting” in his photograph caption to describe […]

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I can understand someone trying to get thier point across but using kids to get that point across is wrong i do not really care what he or she said. they should have shown more class than to use kids in thier political banter. And some people wonder what is wrong with america today!!!! mainly it is that so many “adults” act like adolescents so why should the the teens act like adults.

Grow up and leave the children out of it.


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