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December 4, 2009

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I have to say I really do not like the new format.

The start page used to have broad coverage of the stories of the day from multiple areas (e.g., small business, green business, technology, etc…).  However, you have changed it so that only a select number of headlines now broach the front page and the other sections have to be navigated to through the links up top.

I really liked seeing more of the additional coverage without having to navigate away from the main page.  This really makes things harder to find and really irritating.  Please add back the additional sections to the main page for quicker viewing.


Just wanted to let you know that I love the new design and layout! Just hope I can still find my favorite pages.


The website redesign has made your website really inconvenient to use, and looks unprofessional. I also don’t appreciate that the only pictures on the screen are ads.  Please revise.


Looks to me like you need to have a few techie firings – every time I try to open an item to read it, it only saves it.

Typical techie work – no testing prior to inflicting it on users !!!!!!!!!!!!

Roger B.

Just a note to say I really like the redesign. Cleaner, clearer, the save option is very thoughtful. Easy to read. Bravo


1. There is too much white space between lines. On my home monitor I needed to zoom out to see the whole page, but at that point the font size is too small to be comfortable.

2.My first eye shot is always for the market graph and the commodity oil/gold price. Please consider bringing that back to the first page.

3.This morning you have a dark blue label box with “corporate crime” immediately above a graph of the Dow Jones for eh last week.The dots in between are very faint. It was humorous, hopefully unintended.

4. You are a news site. Please don’t bury links way at teh bottom.

5. The boxes with the numbers of comments are superfluous and too big.

6. I am all for full employment of web designers, but who decided the old format needed this big a makeover? New coke?

I am sure you will many responses. Thank you for considering this one.


Just wanted to pass on that I like the new look to your website. Makes it easier to get around and I like the design of  it as well. Congratulations!

Tom K.

How do I find the 24 hour slideshow on the new format? I can’t find it easily. I look at it daily! I really liked the old format better, by the way.


I do not like the new design!! The left side is a solid wall of type. The right side is a mishmash of information. I use your site for a quick glance at what’s happening around the world. You have lost that focus!!

Try this test. Tell yourself that you have 30 seconds to take a quick snapshot of the day’s events. Now flash on your page and tell me what it is? I will not pick through 20 different headlines all in the same black typeface to find the stories I want to read. You need to make this easier.

Barbara C.

The reason I read is because of the content and the web presentation were both excellent. My first impression of the new web style is that there is no style in the presentation at all, just a list of five word headlines, much like RSS feeds.

I am sorry to lose your previous presentation style on your website. I hope you reconsider the change. I am certain I am not alone in this opinion.

William B.

While I can understand the desire to freshen the site…this new format is way too time consuming to find a summary of the news. It is disgustingly convoluted. Too many clicks…info is too embedded. It looks like it was designed by a rank amateur on his first big project with the philosophy of build everything from scratch no matter what is known about ease of use and web design.

I have used your site for months as a primary source and have used your advertizers…..You really needed to use a better test audience before you foisted this on your readers. You may have lost me. What were you thinking?????


I am a regular visitor to your website with the previous setup/design, and frequently i participated in many of your surveys.

Your new site looks great. Instantly when it loaded, it pleasantly suprises me. Just a quick scroll up and down – I can say its much better and improved on the surface-look of it.

Keep up all the hard work – guys. But please, please dont introduce pay-to-read. If u gonna do that, you will definitely drive me away, just like now I am beginning to loose interest in visiting WSJ site.

Thank you and congratulations.


Have been a regular reader with Reuters since the past 7 years. I appreciate the new design of the site, but miss the section of Business & Finance. Also the content seems to have been cut down in the regular articles. It seems great for investors but very poor for your old fans.



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Not really a fan of the new design, it’s harder from one glance to see what the top stories are. There only seems to be one at the top and then dozens of links underneath in no particular order!

The front page is also huuuuuuuge… who’s going to read to the bottom?!

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Finally! A news website where the design was obviously NOT controlled by a commitee of stakeholders.

Thanks for making a clean simple and usable website without all the usual stuff and clutter. This site works.

Sure there will be millions of upset users who without the cumfort blanet of the site they were familiar with will be thumb in mouth and moaning. But they will grow up and come to repect this change…along with your competition who will probably follow many of the changes you have made.

I’m sure time will see many more changes as users needs are met but this is definitely a step into the present of the web rather than being stuck in the past like so many other news and portal websites.

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If you don’t like the new design, the UK version is still stuck in the old design ( I agree with others that it’s a bit difficult, visually, to see which items belong to which news section. Why not place labels or tags just below the headline (as done in the second column)?

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Obviously nobody from Reuters Thompson realized that when you dump CNN’s awful new template on top of the Drudge Report, you need to keep the comic results out of sight of the brass.

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I hate the new page design. Older one was so much better. I actually had Reuters as my home default, but wit the new design its no longer that. I read Google news instead. I don’t know why would they made this terrible unwelcome change.

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I’m not too keen on the new design either. It’s very unintuitive, & it’s hard to navigate and looks more like a news blog now than anything else. Your old design was much better and really allowed the user to get the news they wanted.

Please please please change it back. simpler is not always better.

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I hesitate to call “the new design” a design. If what it replaced hadn’t been so good to begin with, it might get away with being called a work in progress, like Heathrow Airport minus the ubiquitous “Pardon Our Dust” excuse flags.

Counterintuitive, limited in search-ability and worst of all, CNN-like …

Was this a no-bid contract, or what?

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Where’s the news?

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I can not express how much I dislike this new format.
Being someone who works in the tech industry, I find it is difficult to navigate. Before I could see even the Good bad and the ugly pretty much all at one time and now for any and every thing click more. Generally when redesigning a site you should not add more clicks to get the same amount of information. Before i could get an overview of diferent news and might see something I would not normally seek out Now this is same cluttered site and the junk news made for people with poor attention spans Im really disappointed. Not that it really matters to companys any more what thier customers and consumers think
but i am so much less likely to get my news here now that it is such a pain to navigate

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