You practice candoble?

December 21, 2009


Brazil needle victim recovers, outrage at cruelty

The pair were guided by a local practitioner of an African-Brazilian religion, candoble, and Magalhaes inserted the needles into the boy at his lover’s home.

I just read this story and was deeply annoyed.

What is candoble? If the author or “editor” had bothered with fact checking they would find out that the religion is called Candombl√©. I also would have thought it was a well known fact amongst “editors” that the names of religions are considered “proper nouns” in English. You would figure the “editor” would at least capitalize the misspelling if he or she had some grasp of the English language.


Of course we meant Candomblé. We corrected: GBU Editor

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Members of an afro-Brazilian religious group called Candomble protest against religious intolerance in front of the Brazilian congress  in Brasilia September 23, 2009. REUTERS/Handout/Antonio Cruz


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Wow, Candomble! Is this religion the stated reason for this animal to have abused this poor child? What role does this Candomble religion play is this horrible and despicable crime? If it plays any role at all, I suppose I should condemn it as I do radical Islam.

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“Interesting” use of quotation “marks” there, “B.G.”

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