Altered image?

March 16, 2010


Israeli border police scuffle with a Palestinian man trying to enter al-Aqsa mosque for Friday prayers in Jerusalem’s Old City March 12, 2010. Israeli forces sealed off the West Bank and massed riot squads around Jerusalem’s Old City and Arab neighbourhoods during Muslim weekly prayers on Friday, facing down Palestinian anger over Jewish settlement expansion.  REUTERS/Ammar Awad

gbu israeli crop 260What possessed you to PhotoShop”the batons out of the Israeli Police’s hands as they beat back demonstrators in Jerusalem?

It’s so obvious that they weren’t slapping at the demonstrators. It’s an attempt to censor the news so that the real violence in the confrontation isn’t shown.

I expected more from Reuters,but this time it makes me sceptical of the validity of your news reporting.
I’m going to the regional news outlets where no outlandish,buggered-up coverage is present.


The picture was not altered. Here is a blown up section of the portion you mentioned.

Moreover, I can’t imagine why a news organization would try to change a picture to make it LESS dramatic: GBU Editor

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J.L.M., your paranoia is showing.

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I think you may be right, Bookman. I was also commenting on [CENSORED] with [CENSORED] and [CENSORED][CENSORED] [CENSORED]. Isn’t that just incredible?

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