Obama isn’t a Republican

July 28, 2010

gbu obama republican

President Barack Obama (R) takes his seat after an awards ceremony at the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner in Washington, May 1, 2010 Reuters/Jonathan Ernst

When I hovered over the image of the President, it showed his name, and then (R), signifying he is a Republican. I think you may need to correct this.


The (R) means he is the person on the right, not that he is a Republican. You’re not the first reader to be confused by this, so maybe it isn’t as obvious as we like to think: GBU Editor

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Isn’t it common practice to indicate position of the subject in an image by using a lowercase letter (r) (l) (c) and political affiliation indicated by an uppercase R, D or I followed by the state the individual represents??? i.e. Barack Obama (D-IL)

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No, it’s plenty obvious. Identifying someone’s position in a photo by an “(R)” or an “(L)” is commonplace.

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The confusion probably came from designating him as “on the right” in a photo that didn’t need it. The others in the photo are obviously in the background.

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