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February 15, 2011

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Witness: Unlike Iraq, Egyptians do regime change their way

CAIRO (Reuters) – The last Arab despot I saw overthrown was Saddam Hussein. That was all very different from the fall of Hosni Mubarak, toppled this week by his own people, not the might of a foreign army.

This piece was too emotional and biased.  It was something I expect from Aljazeera but not Reuters, which I deeply appreciate for being neutral, professional and providing the best NEWS reporting

Please more news reporting and less personal opinion and emotion.


This was one of our WITNESS pieces, which are by definition more personal than standard reporting. They are written in first person and reflect very personal experiences.

They are prefaced with a note explaining the format, as this item was in both the English and Arabic versions.

In addition, these pieces are supposed to carry the word Witness at the start of the headline. This was missing in the Arabic version, but will be added to such items in the future: GBU Editor

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I wonder how difficult it would be to put a link to the original article in this? I have to SEARCH the web to get the original article, and often end up on some other site. Strangely: often that “other site” has not yet had whatever correction made that may have been asserted in the response blog.

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Our reply, in red above, did contain a link to the English version of the original. Here is a link to the Arabic version: dARACAE71C0K120110213

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I am ashamed to be an american at this moment. Our government and Media are standing idly by and turning a blind eye to the people of the Middle East who are fighting and dying for freedom. #Libya is in a brutal situation with GADAHFI bringing in mercenaries to slaughter his own people and We, the United States of America, the so called “Defenders of Freedom are doing NOTHING..Appalling! I am not saying send troops, not at all but we need to do something! #FF @EndOppression @ShababLibya @Tripolitanian

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