Not all Palin supporters?

April 26, 2011

Palin returns with feisty, anti-establishment speech

MADISON, Wisconsin (Reuters) – Conservative Sarah Palin returned to the U.S. political arena on Saturday after several months absence with a feisty speech attacking both the establishment Republican Party and Democratic President Barack Obama and proclaiming “the 2012 elections begin here.”

In a move apparently aimed at keeping her name in the running for the Republican nomination in next year’s presidential election, Palin addressed several thousand people in Wisconsin, a state bitterly divided by a political fight over union rights.

If your article on Ms. Palin’s recent Wisconsin stop is representative of Reuters degree of accuracy, objectivity and comprehensiveness in reporting, Reuters will not be on my list of reliable news sources.

To “report” that Ms. Palin spoke to a crowd of several thousand implies that they supported her, whereas an accurate report would indicate that the majority did not.


Nothing in our story suggests that these were all pro-Palin people. We said she addressed “several thousand people,” and we could have said supporters had we thought that’s what they were.

Moreover, the story quoted two people in the audience, one who supported Palin and another who clearly did not: GBU Editor


Sarah Palin speaks at a Tax Day rally at the State Capitol in Madison, Wisconsin April 16, 2011. REUTERS/Allen Fredrickson

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