It isn’t the Arabian Gulf

June 27, 2011

Europe Gasoline/Naphtha-Margins slip as crude bounces

LONDON, June 22 (Reuters) – Gasoline refining margins slipped as Brent bounced on Wednesday, although a drop in gasoline inventories in the U.S. supported the market and outright prices in the region were higher.

“There’s no interest from the U.S. but the Mediterranean is busy,” said a gasoline broker, adding that refinery shutdowns in the Arabian Gulf and issues in Israel had boosted activity.

In this article Reuters has used the wrong and racist name of “Arabian Gulf” instead of the real name of the gulf which apparently is Persian Gulf.

Persian people all over the world are very concerned about that racist and fake name. Please correct that report/article as soon as possible to prevent making Persian people more upset.


I wondered when I read the named article using a fake word namely Arabian Gulf. Based on geographical and historical information there exists no such name hence, I assume author meant Persian Gulf.

I wanted to complain about current error and also to request to change the fake name to Persian Gulf.

H. G.

I bet you’ve had history courses and know the right term for the PERSIAN GULF.

So don’t let Arabian dollars burn honesty and truth inside of you, and please respect the historical name of the Persian Gulf.

For more information, you can check Wikipedia to realize what the fact is.


We got lots and lots of comments on this one, all negative. We should not have used “Arabian Gulf.”

Our style for that body of water has long been, and remains, simply The Gulf: GBU Editor

Rescue boats try to contain an oil spill off the coast of Dubai after two ships collided causing a fire February 10, 2009. REUTERS/The Media Office/Handout 


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OK after all of these negative comments you didn’t even remove that page, there is still this page in Reuters telling the world that you don’t respect nations.

It’s not The Gulf, it has a name. We Persian people will never let anybody to change this name, even if our government is so stupid that doesn’t seem to even complain about what Arabs are trying to do.

There are lots of benefits for you in changing the name of the Persian Gulf to any other names, but there should be a difference between those people who tried to change the history and you.

Long live The Persian Gulf.

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And while you’re at it, tell all those Chinese to quit calling that waterway the Taiwan Strait when everyone knows that the REAL name for it is the Formosa Strait! (yes, sarcasm is intended)

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I totally disagree about how the Iranians dealing with the gulf naming issue. Racism and Extremism will never help. The population of the 6 Arab countries which sharing the same body of water could do the same, but they prefer to handle in peace or sometime ignore what Iranians attempting. I’m from UAE and my ancestor lived on this body of water dependably, we never ever used the terms of “Persian Gulf” neither in schools nor in media and we don’t accept this name to be official in our countries at least. Everyone knows that it is 100% Arabian gulf. Even history which the Iranians want the world to refer will not support them in all the time. If you concern on history you will this coast was never being Persian. No Persian cities build till 1920s, no ports, no navigations. The whole gulf is pure Arabian, Arabs dominate that cost and the islands since 1500 and during the British occupation all the area given to Iran.

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