Good, Bad, and Ugly

Reader reaction to Reuters news

Bolshevik, or not?


Top Russian spy defects after betraying ring in U.S.

MEXICO TROTSKY“We know who he is and where he is,” the unidentified official was quoted as saying. “Do not doubt that a Mercader has been sent after him already.”

Ramon Mercader was the Russian agent who murdered exiled Bolshevik Leon Trotsky with an ice axe in Mexico in 1940.

Your article incorrectly described Leon Trotsky as an “exiled Bolshevik”, when in fact, following the Second Party Congress when the divide between Bolshevik and Menshevik became apparent, Trotsky identified as a Menshevik and several years later as a “social democrat.”

I don’t believe he ever was a Bolshevik in the correct use of the term.


Stalin tried to airbrush Trotsky out of history, but there is little doubt in the best scholarship on the period: Trotsky was a Bolshevik revolutionary. GBU Editor

Where’s that smoke coming from?


Boeing halts 787 test flights after cockpit smoke

BRITAINWASHINGTON/CHICAGO, Nov 10 (Reuters) – Boeing Co halted test flights of its long-delayed 787 Dreamliner on Wednesday, a day after smoke in the cockpit forced an emergency landing in Texas.

What I’m reading says the fire / smoke was in the main cabin, not the cockpit. Your article seems to get that backwards.

Palin’s opinion…


Palin tells Bernanke ‘cease and desist’-report

gbu palin 300WASHINGTON, Nov 8 (Reuters) – Tea Party favorite Sarah Palin on Monday weighed in on the global debate over the Federal Reserve’s $600 billion plan to buy up government debt, suggesting Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke should “cease and desist.”

Why would Reuters, a fist class news reporting organization, run an article featuring Sarah Palin’s opinion about this?

We should get this right


Gold set to extend post-Fed gains; peak in 2011: Reuter’s poll

MARKETS-STOCKS/In this headline I believe the name of your organization is spelled incorrectly by yourselves – with an apostrophe.


Indeed. Pretty embarrassing. We fixed it: GBU Editor

A 999.9 fine gold 100 troy ounce Engelhard gold bar is seen on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange in New York, November 9, 2010. REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton

I’ll have a nice big stake, please…


Microsoft’s Ballmer sells 12 percent stake in company

gbu ballmer 280SEATTLE (Reuters) – Microsoft Corp Chief Executive Steve Ballmer sold $1.3 billion worth of shares in the company, cutting his stake by about 12 percent, but said his first stock sale in seven years should not be taken as a lack of confidence in the world’s largest software firm.

Your headline says Ballmer sold a “12 percent stake in Microsoft,” which would mean he sold 12 percent of the company’s stock.

An amazing pic…



Brian Snyder’s photo of Tim Lincecum, “An Ace for a New Era” in the NYT online edition, is spectacular.

The center point for me, was the clarity of the pitcher’s eye; the capturing of the white, of the hazel. And then, I noticed the mane of hair waving in motion. And all of this framed in the crick of his elbow and the drop of his glove. An amazing pic shot by a pro. Thanks.

Not our place to judge…


gbu editor choice

Wish that the dear editor had done a little better job by saying at least one condemning or condoning word about that nasty looking clinched fist of the undercover Israeli agent, aimed at the eyeballs of the restrained protester.


I think you have the wrong idea. This feature is a collection of our best news photos, not a chance for an editor to give a thumbs-up or thumbs-down to the actions depicted in them: GBU Editor

Not what they said…


Cooper Tire sees higher raw material costs in 2011

logo_CooperTiresBANGALORE, Nov 1 (Reuters) – Cooper Tire & Rubber Co said it expects raw material costs to climb further in 2011 as tightening supplies and increased demand from automakers drive up the prices for natural rubber.

My name is Curtis Schneekloth and I serve as Cooper Tire’s Director of Investor Relations.

Stating the obvious?


Gunmen kill 13 at birthday party in Mexico

MEXICO-SHOOTING/“I don’t know what happened. I was here with my son, who is a boy,” said the man, who declined to be identified.

In your news story, there is a quote from a man who refused to give his name. The man is quoted saying, “I was here with my son, who is a boy.”

What kind of cargo ship?


Dutch cargo ship and ferry collide in busy canal

NETHERLANDS/COLLISIONAMSTERDAM (Reuters) – A small passenger ferry capsized on Friday after colliding with a German cargo ship in a busy Dutch shipping canal and the ferry captain went missing.

You might want to reword your headline. It appears to be a GERMAN cargo ship, not a Dutch one.