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Reader reaction to Reuters news

He wasn’t the president yet…


Mitt Romney’s French education

The small church in the Bordeaux suburb of Talence looks the same today as it did in the late 1960s, when Romney and fellow missionaries were photographed in front of it during a rare visit by then LDS church president, Howard Hunter.

In this article you mention that Mitt Romney was in a photograph in the late 1960′s “during a rare visit by then LDS church president, Howard Hunter”.

In the late 1960′s, Howard Hunter was a high ranking church official – a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles”, but was not the President of the Church. He was called to the position of church president much later.

The reason I know this is because I served a mission for the LDS church at about the same time as Mitt Romney (1967-69), but in a different country. In spite of this minor error, I thank you and its author for this informative, interesting and unbiased article.

The wrong province…


Gwar shock band guitarist found dead on tour

LOS ANGELES ( – Cory Smoot, guitarist in the shock-rock band Gwar, was found dead Thursday. The band is currently on tour, and Smoot’s body was found as the band traveled from Minneapolis to Edmonton, Ontario for its next show.

Edmonton is in Alberta, not in Ontario.


Indeed it is. This was part of some third-party content which is not edited by us, but the error has been corrected:  GBU Editor

Not the right word…


5.6 magnitude Oklahoma quake causes some damage

In Prague, Oklahoma, where the earlier quake was centered, City Manager Jim Greff said the latest tremblor caused a chimney to topple over and crash through the roof of a home.

The correct word is “temblor,” NOT “tremblor.” “Tremblor” SEEMS as if it would be appropriate, because the ground does tremble. Nevertheless, “tremblor” is wrong and “temblor” is right.

Gone, but not retired


Jobless veterans say military experience is not valued

Rick Combs, a 27-year old who retired as a Sergeant in the Army, says he was given management training in the military as part of becoming a Sergeant. So far, that training has not translated into a comparable private-sector job.

Your writer doesn’t seem to have any knowledge of the military.

No one who is 27 years old can retire from the Army. One must serve a full 20 years to qualify for “retirement.” I doubt Combs joined at 7 years of age.

Not a member…


Commonwealth steps up polio fight, Afghanistan war hinders

SYDNEY (Reuters) – Commonwealth leaders on Saturday vowed to step up the fight against polio, but said the Afghanistan war was hindering the fight and warned that without total eradication there could be a resurgence of the crippling disease.

Polio remains in just four countries, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria — all members of the Commonwealth.

Too slangy?


Clues to Gaddafi’s death concealed from public view

Another man in the crowd lets out a high-pitched hysterical scream. Gaddafi then goes out of view and gunshots ring out. One of the fighters present said Gaddafi was in a bad way but alive when he was put in the ambulance.

In this article, the author uses the phrase “in a bad way” to describe Gaddafi’s status.

That’s not a country anymore…


UK’s Cameron rallies EU countries outside euro zone

At Wednesday’s summit, European leaders agreed a plan to provide debt relief for Greece, recapitalize European banks and boost the bloc’s rescue fund, though details have yet to be hammered out. Following a meeting of all EU members, Cameron held separate talks with some of the leaders of the 10 countries not in the euro zone; Sweden, Poland, Denmark and Czechoslovakia. ”

Your article mentions the country Czechoslovakia, which hasn’t existed for almost 20 years. I suppose the author meant Czech Republic.

Not her only child…


Chaz Bono returns to OWN, blasts “penguin” jibes

Bono, the only child of actress and singer Cher, is the subject of a one-hour special called “Being Chaz”, which looks at his life with girlfriend Jennifer Elia following his female-to-male sex change, OWN said on Wednesday.

Your article states that Chaz is Cher’s “only” child, which is wrong. She has Elijah Allman from her marriage to Gregg Allman.

Just plain wrong…


Snowstorm blankets Denver area just days after balmy weather

DENVER, Oct 26 (Reuters) – A heavy, wet snowstorm descended on the Denver area early on Wednesday morning, causing widespread power outages and numerous car crashes and minor injuries in the Centennial State, officials said.

Just two days after record high temperatures, six inches of snow fell in the Denver area forcing the closure of roads in the mountains and eastern planes.

What’s that got to do with it?


Aerosmith’s Tyler falls, Paraguay concert delayed

Aerosmith planned to perform in the poor South American nation of Paraguay on Tuesday during a tour through Latin America.

I read your post about Steven Tyler and his fall. Was it really necessary to say the “poor” South American nation?