Good, Bad, and Ugly

Reader reaction to Reuters news

Are these real articles?


gbu prnewswire this 490

Have things gotten so bad in the news business that you will now publish press releases for UFO enthusiasts with the unaltered lurid headlines that their agents give you?

Watch your credibility as a news organization circle the drain. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish Reuters from The Onion.

David H.

gbu prn afghan 340You might want to take more care to keep “articles” like this  one from looking like actual journalism.


It was only midway through this article about Afghanistan that I realised it is unlikely that Reuters is the source behind it, but it is on your Website and is cleverly disguised as such. Is it a hack?

Where’s the irony?


Women trading Wall Street for Main Street

gbu irony 260CHICAGO (Reuters) – It’s ironic that the skills that make women effective on Wall Street also help them run their own businesses after they leave.

Wow, amazing. Ironic ???

This has to be the best (if not the most gut-bustingly funny) demonstration of complete illiteracy I’ve ever seen.

We put a Cork in it…


Drive from sea to sea but don’t stop to pee

IRELAND/The AA motoring group said it was unacceptable for drivers not to have anywhere stop for the toilet or a coffee for the entire 250 km (155 mile) journey between Ireland’s two biggest cities Dublin and Cork for example, even from a purely safety perspective.

Since when has Cork overtaken Belfast as Ireland’s second city?

Last time I looked Belfast was twice the size of Cork!!

Kelly A.

As I suspect you already know, Belfast is in Northern Ireland.

We appreciate the sensitivities involved here, but our style is to use Ireland to mean Republic of Ireland, unless a specific distinction needs to be made.

A Kafkaesque error?


Florida pastor’s daughter: ‘he needs help’

SOMALIA/After leaving the community aged 17, Emma Jones said she returned in 2005 to find it had become insect-like.

In this story, attributed to Reuters, surely “insect-like” should be “sect-like”?

It isn’t hydrogen…


Argentina sells DNA as world demands more beef

SLOVENIA/Once the semen has passed quality checks, it is diluted to make up to 300 doses that are kept in liquid hydrogen and sold for around $10 each. Garcia said the price can be much higher if the animal has a good breeding record.

“300 doses that are kept in liquid hydrogen.” WRONG!

Biological samples are kept in cryogenic storage in liquid nitrogen, not liquid hydrogen.

Japan ship?


Pirates attack Japan ship, no crew injured-media

KENYA/TOKYO, Sept 12 (Reuters) – Pirates boarded a Japanese auto transport ship and robbed its crew off Indonesia late on Friday, but no one was injured and the undamaged ship resumed its voyage, Japanese media quoted the transport ministry as saying.

What, please, is a “Japan ship”? I know wooden ship, steel ship, warship and even editorship. Got any? Three letters more too long?

What sport is this, anyway?


Classy Durant ends 16-year long wait for U.S

BASKETBALL-WORLD/ISTANBUL, Sept 12 (Reuters) – World championship favourites the United States ended a long wait by beating Turkey 81-64 in the final Sunday to win their first title in 16 years thanks to inspirational forward Kevin Durant.

Still only 21 and coming off his third professional season, the Oklahoma Thunder prodigy won the tournament’s Most Valuable Player award with a series of majestic performances.

Real death threats?


US pastor backs off Koran-burning plan for now

USA-MUSLIMS/PASTORJones’ adult son Luke, who wore a handgun on his hip because of death threats against church members, told   reporters his father would fly to New York later on Friday.     

Shouldn’t that be ‘alleged death threats,’ or ‘reported death threats?’

What’s burning?



There is a widely distributed image credited to Reuters. Honest reporting dictates that you tell us what is burning in the background.

To be more clear, this was a protest against the planned burning of the Koran in Florida, and most of us believe that they are burning Bibles in the background.

No sideburns here…


Florida pastor not backing down on Koran-burning

USA-MUSLIMS/“We are not convinced that backing down is the right thing,” Jones, a gray-haired, mustachioed preacher with mutton-chop sideburns and author of a book titled “Islam is of the Devil,” told a crowd of reporters in a brief statement made in the grassy yard in front of his stone-and-metal church.

I read this article on the New York Times site. It describes Terry Jones as “a gray-haired, mustachioed preacher with mutton-chop sideburns.”