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Reader reaction to Reuters news

Correcting errors?


ABC Attacked by ‘DWTS’ Fans Over Chaz Bono Casting

Bono, the only child of Sonny Bono and Cher, was born female but legally changed his gender and name last year. The announcement Monday that he would join the highly rated ABC dance competition immediately made him one of the highest-profile transgendered people in the world.

Chaz was born a MALE with a female anatomy. He didn’t “change his gender”, he CORRECTED his body so it matched his MALE BRAIN.

When Transsexual people Transition, they are not changing their gender on legal documents like passports and birth certificates, they are correcting errors.

Tell your writers to do some medical research before he writes about people with conditions he obviously knows nothing about.

They don’t own the land?


Fracking lawsuit could set precedent for local drilling bans

ALBANY, N.Y., Sept. 19 (Reuters) – A lawsuit challenging a small town’s ban on natural-gas drilling could have far-reaching implications throughout New York, where state officials are poised to approve the controversial drilling method known as hydraulic fracturing, or fracking.

Anschutz, which owns more than 22,000 acres of land in Dryden, is arguing that New York’s Environmental Conservation Law (ECL) bars local governments from any regulation of drilling.

Great leap forward?


Moody’s cuts French banks as euro crisis deepens

While Europe’s leaders struggle to avert a first default in the 12-year-old single currency area, the head of the European Union’s executive challenged them to prepare for a great leap forward in fiscal integration that would be deeply divisive.

I wanted to point out some unfortunate language in your article. Your editors decided to include the phrase “great leap forward.”

Not on our site…


Ron Paul vs. the “pretty boys”

The ad, not authorized by the candidate, debuted last week. It’s posted on Paul’s website and on YouTube. But Revolution Pac is looking for wider distribution. The PAC is seeking donations to buy TV time to air the spot in the crucial early voting states of Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina.

This article states that the un-affiliated Revolution PAC ad appears on Ron Paul’s website, assumed to mean the Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Campaign Committee website The ad does NOT appear on our website, nor does any Revolution PAC information appear there. Please make this correction, and many thanks for your attention.

No longer a secret…


US builds drone bases in Africa, Arab Peninsula-report

WASHINGTON, Sept 21 (Reuters) – The United States is building a ring of secret drone bases in the Horn of Africa and the Arabian Peninsula as part of an aggressive campaign against al Qaeda affiliates in Somalia and Yemen, The Washington Post reported on Wednesday, citing U.S. officials.

One base for the unmanned aircraft is being established in Ethiopia and another base has been installed in the Seychelles in the Indian Ocean, the newspaper reported.

We’re not in Kansas anymore?


Kansas airport fake bomb suspect ordered held in jail

KANSAS CITY, Mo., Sept 16 (Reuters) – A man who tried to board a Southwest Airlines flight with materials that resembled bomb parts was ordered held without bond on Friday by a federal judge, authorities said.

Okay, this is U.S. Geography 101. Kansas City International Airport is in Missouri!

Wrong kind of airplane…


Nevada wreckage yields memory cards, possibly from downed plane

They also said they had found no indication yet that the pilot of the plane sent out a distress call before his sleek silver jet plunged nose-down into the tarmac at the Reno Air Races on Friday, killing nine people.

Pilot Jimmy Leeward, a 74-year-old real estate developer well known in air racing circles, was at the controls of “The Galloping Ghost” fighter jet when it slammed into a box seat area in front of the grandstand.

Woody meets Voltaire…


Arno Klarsfeld critique vivement son prédécesseur à l’OFII

Arno Klarsfeld a estimé que Dominique Paillé était “un peu le  Zelig de la politique française, tantôt à gauche, tantôt à droite, tantôt au centre”, par allusion au personnage de Voltaire.

About the news in your French online edition, is it possible to tell to the writers that “Zelig” wasn’t written by Voltaire at all? It’s a Woody Allen movie!

Erhard Buehler’s day off?


Kosovo accuses Serbia of border sabotage plot

In a possible sign of international concern about the standoff, NATO said its Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen was due to visit Pristina on Thursday to meet Thaci and the commander of the territory’s NATO peacekeeping force, General Erhard Buehler.



Indeed, although you don’t have to shout. We made the correction: GBU Editor

Inexcusable word?


Scores burn to death in Kenya gas fire, police say

Kenyan media put the toll higher, saying more than 100 people were burnt to death and a similar number were taken to hospital in one of the worst fire disasters in the east African country.

Residents said petrol spilled from a fuel depot owned by the Kenya Pipeline Company and ran into a sewage dyke that runs under the slum, which is known as Sinai. The petrol ignited, causing an inferno that left charred corpses and burnt skeletons.