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Opinionated rant?


It’s extremely disturbing when I come here for news and I find articles like this being promoted here. I left CNN (for the most part) and came to Reuters because I believe you are a better source for news. I strongly believe you are less biased, less opinionated, and just an overall better news source.

However, when I find posts like the one, it makes me question my decision. Promoting, and allowing, any opinionated rant claiming people are better based on their race or gender (in this case gender) is disgusting to see.

I like Reuters a lot, but if I continue to see you allowing and promoting articles like this I will once again feel obligated to search for another news source, and I strongly doubt I will be the only one. These articles do more harm than good.

I know I’m just one person, but I doubt I’m the only one who feels this way.

Not on our site…


Ron Paul vs. the “pretty boys”

The ad, not authorized by the candidate, debuted last week. It’s posted on Paul’s website and on YouTube. But Revolution Pac is looking for wider distribution. The PAC is seeking donations to buy TV time to air the spot in the crucial early voting states of Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina.

This article states that the un-affiliated Revolution PAC ad appears on Ron Paul’s website, assumed to mean the Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Campaign Committee website The ad does NOT appear on our website, nor does any Revolution PAC information appear there. Please make this correction, and many thanks for your attention.

A house is not a home…


Funeral planning: How to avoid paying beyond the grave

Take the time to really think through what kind of funeral you think you want. “People can have their funerals anywhere, not necessarily a church or funeral house,” says Erika Dillman, author of “The Party of Your Life.” There are also green burials, where you can be buried in a shroud or a biodegradable casket.

Hello, I’m writing because I was quoted in an article on this site, and the quote is incorrect and the link from the title of my book is also incorrect.

He shot it where?


How small business can avoid becoming the next GoDaddy

gbu parsons 300CHICAGO (Reuters) – Social media is great for spreading the word but sometimes its content can become the elephant in the room, quite literally.

Just ask Bob Parsons, the flamboyant founder and CEO of Web hosting site GoDaddy, who posted a video link of his elephant shoot in Kenya on his Twitter account last month.

Offensive headline?


headline japan 490

Felix Salmon’s blog is a low for Reuters.

I have no problem with his point or content – that is his choice to make.  But your choice to allow a sensationalized title, “Don’t Donate Money to Japan” is cheap attention grabbing at its best.

Myself and my coworkers who just saw this are going to go elsewhere for our news and opinions.

A Stern warning…

Stern Advice: Tax breaks for the Sandwich Generation

USA/– Work with your siblings to help Mom. Unlike your child, your aging parent doesn’t have to live with you to qualify as a dependent. If she is in a nursing home or assisted living facility and you provide more than half of her support, she’s a dependent. You don’t even have to do it all by yourself — all of the money that you and your siblings put in together can be counted as one.

This is incorrect, in that your child does NOT have to live with you to qualify as a dependent.

The wrong word…


Hillary wants a break, but maybe just a little one

USA-CHINA/ABC’s Good Morning America asked how’s she’s doing on The Grandmother Front. She prefaced her reply with peels of laughter: “I will only get in trouble, however I respond to that. But let me just say I love babies, and so maybe I’ll have more in my life some day.”

Not a question, but an edit. Your article online today about Hillary Clinton possibly taking a break and prospects of becoming a grandmother, notes that she replied with ‘peels of laughter.’

Where’s the irony?


Women trading Wall Street for Main Street

gbu irony 260CHICAGO (Reuters) – It’s ironic that the skills that make women effective on Wall Street also help them run their own businesses after they leave.

Wow, amazing. Ironic ???

This has to be the best (if not the most gut-bustingly funny) demonstration of complete illiteracy I’ve ever seen.

The f-word?


The secret Paulson-Goldman meeting

For f**k’s sake! Wilkinson thought. He and Treasury had had enough trouble trying to fend off all the Goldman Sachs conspiracy theories constantly being bandied about in Washington and on Wall Street. A private meeting with its board? In Moscow?

Sore subject



Your misspelling: Steinbrueck admitted long meetings cause his rear end to get soar and also…Sorry, just had to point that out to you.

Kirsten J.


Thanks for noticing. This was from one of our blogs. We fixed it: GBU Editor

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