Good, Bad, and Ugly

Reader reaction to Reuters news

Taking centre stage…


St. Pierre turns hockey-mad Canada into MMA mecca

While such a statement borders on treason in hockey-mad Canada, White’s boast cannot not be simply dismissed with St. Pierre set to headline the biggest mixed martial arts event ever held in North America Saturday at a 55,000 seat Rogers Center that sold out in a matter of hours.

That should be “Rogers Centre” not “Rogers Center.” For a large Canada-based news organization, that type of mistake shouldn’t happen…


Of course as a proper noun, the word shouldn’t have been changed. We made the same mistake the next day, but went back and fixed it: GBU Editor

An overall view of the Rogers Centre during the Toronto Blue Jays Chicago and the White Sox MLB American League baseball game in Toronto, April 12, 2010. REUTERS/Fred Thornhill

Ignoring Canada?


Allies vow no halt to campaign until Gaddafi goes

Washington, which led the campaign in its first week, has since turned over command to NATO and taken a back seat role. Britain and France complain that other NATO allies have not provided enough fire power to take out Gaddafi’s armour and allow the rebels in control of the east to sweep him from power.

LIBYA-/Once again you have omitted Canada’s contribution to the Libyan conflict.

Gaining ground, losing ground…


Canada’s Conservatives lose ground in poll

CANADA-POLITICS/TORONTO, April 3 (Reuters) – Canada’s ruling Conservatives lost a bit of ground in an opinion poll released on Sunday, while still remaining in territory that might hand them a majority in Parliament in the May 2 federal election.

The Nanos Research tracking poll of results over three days of surveys put support for the Conservatives at 40.7 percent, down from 41.3 percent in Saturday’s survey. Support for the Liberals fell to 29.4 percent from 30.3 percent.

The word is gun…


Canada takes step to scrapping long-run registry

OTTAWA, Nov 4 (Reuters) – Canada took a step on Wednesday to scrapping a controversial gun registry, though rules will still remain much tougher than in the United States.

It’s Canada’s long-GUN registry, not “run.”


Indeed: GBU Editor

Ziad Richa, a Lebanese marksman, takes aim during practice at a club in Dbayeh area, east of Beirut, July 26, 2008. REUTERS/Cynthia karam

Loonie headline?


Canada economy stabilizing, lonnie a concern: Flaherty

That should be “Loonie a concern.” The nickname for the canadian dollar is loonie. The origin comes from the image of the loon on the coin.


Yes. We fixed it, thanks: GBU Editor

A Canadian one dollar coin, also known as a loonie, in a 2006 file photo. REUTERS/ Shaun Best