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Reader reaction to Reuters news

Wonderful, Wonderful Copengahen?


Queen of Denamrk Margrethe II arrives at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Congress at the Opera house in Copengahen October 1, 2009….

Did you notice this caption talks about COPENGAHEN?


Sigh. Yes. And Denamrk, too. We had to correct a whole bunch of photo captions in this series: GBU Editor

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O caption! My caption!


A group of deers are seen during the Station fire in the Glendale area of Los Angeles, California September 1, 2009… REUTERS Photo

A could of vapor and smoke is seen from Victory Park near Pasadena…  (AP Photo)

Basterdized spelling?


Tarantino’s “Basterds” leads world box office

LOS ANGELES, Aug 23 (Reuters) – Director Quentin Tarantino scored the best opening of his colorful career with his World War Two thriller “Inglourious Basterds,” which topped the worldwide box office after selling $65.1 million worth of tickets, its distributors said on Sunday.

The last time I looked, it was spelled ‘Bastards’. It’s not a typo either. The journalist has spelled it incorrectly throughout the article.

Bad conversion…

45 tonnes is not 40 million kg.


No. We removed the faulty conversion: GBU Editor

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Accurate to a T?


Guests look at the 1920 Chevy Model T truck during the Barrett-Jackson auto auction in West Palm Beach, Florida April 11, 2009. The three day event sells most of the top-rated collectible vehicles from around the world and will include some of the GM Heritage Collection, like the 1920 Chevy Model T truck. REUTERS/Carlos Barria

There is no such thing as a “Chevy Model T…” truck or anything else.

Suspected gunman…


A suspected gunman walks in the premises of the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus or Victoria Terminus railway station in Mumbai November 26, 2008…  REUTERS/The Times of India

Reuters’ caption for the photo begins: “A suspected gunman walks…” Notice the object the terrorist is holding in his hands. It’s a gun. He isn’t a “suspected gunman,” he’s a “gunman.”

Two wrong names?


Actor Stan Waterston arrives for the 36th International Emmy Awards Gala in New York, November 24, 2008. REUTERS/Chip East

I think you meant actor Sam Waterson.

A Fan

Yes, thanks. We corrected both names in the caption: GBU Editor

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She is a he…


Actor and Porsche owner Jerry Seinfeld waves as she is announced at a Porsche presentation during the 2008 Los Angeles Auto Show in Los Angeles November 19, 2008. REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni

She? Do you know something about Seinfeld that we don’t?


No. We corrected the caption: GBU Editor

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The wrong man…


Demonstrators march through the Zhongxiao area while carrying portraits of Republic of China founder, Sun Yat-sen, during an anti-China protest in Taipei October 25, 2008…. REUTERS

Your photo caption is wrong! The person in the portraits is Chiang Kai-Shek, not founder of ROC Sun Yat-sen. I appreciate if you could make the correction.

The wrong Berry



Wouldn’t it be nice if you had the right picture of the phone in your article? Nice article, BTW.


Yes, it would have been nice. This photo was not a good choice to illustrate this story, and if we did have to use it, the caption should have made clear what readers were seeing: GBU Editor