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Reader reaction to Reuters news

Comments banned?


You have banned me from making comments on your site.

I have a right to free speech and expression. I don’t ask for my account back i demand it back.

If you don’t like the truth, then too bad. You allow gays/ perverts their opinions so I want mine.

J.G. Our house rules are clearly stated, and allow considerable latitude for exchanges of opinions. I’m sorry, but “free speech and expression” doesn’t allow you to say things such as “The only good Muslim is a dead Muslim,” and “Kick all Muslims out of our country asap!” to quote from two of your blocked comments: GBU Editor

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Where are my comments?


Pope John Paul nears sainthood, to be beatified

POPE-JOHNPAUL/BEATIFICATIONSee the attached documents and please explain why my comments are inappropriate. I have informed the truth as it could be.


You’re asking why your comments on this story didn’t make it online? We get that from a number of readers, and usually there is a very good reason.

“The ignorant words of morons…”


I am so sick and tired of Reuters’ public comments section. I expect to come to Reuters for expert world NEWS, not the ignorant words of morons with political axes to grind. What a complete waste.

gbu comments 320 thisDespite 20-something tech entrepreneurs thinking they know it all, participation isn’t a good thing for news; when it comes to world affairs, I expect to read the work of real professionals, not have those professionals drowned out by the uninformed opinions of the masses.