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Reader reaction to Reuters news

You practice candoble?



Brazil needle victim recovers, outrage at cruelty

The pair were guided by a local practitioner of an African-Brazilian religion, candoble, and Magalhaes inserted the needles into the boy at his lover’s home.

I just read this story and was deeply annoyed.

What is candoble? If the author or “editor” had bothered with fact checking they would find out that the religion is called Candomblé. I also would have thought it was a well known fact amongst “editors” that the names of religions are considered “proper nouns” in English. You would figure the “editor” would at least capitalize the misspelling if he or she had some grasp of the English language.


Of course we meant Candomblé. We corrected: GBU Editor

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Members of an afro-Brazilian religious group called Candomble protest against religious intolerance in front of the Brazilian congress  in Brasilia September 23, 2009. REUTERS/Handout/Antonio Cruz

The wrong word…



Drug war abuses by Mexican army rise sharply

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) – Complaints of torture, murder and illegal detention by the Mexican army have jumped as soldiers have been dragged into a long, gruesome battle with powerful drug cartels, Amnesty International said on Tuesday. In March, 25 police officers were detained by the military, held incommunicado for 41 days and tortured to illicit false confessions, the Amnesty report said…

That’s “elicit”, Mr Editor, please.


Of course it is. We corrected: GBU Editor

A general view of a crime scene where a policeman was gunned down during his patrol in the border city of Ciudad Juarez December 10, 2009.  Drug hitmen shot several times at the patrol car, killing one police officer and injuring another, in a drive-by shooting, local media reported. REUTERS/Alejandro Bringas (MEXICO CONFLICT CRIME LAW POLITICS)

Careful, you’ll hit the boy!



Gibraltar holds 4 Spanish Police for questioning

However, London’s ambassador in Spain was obliged to make a public apology on November 20 after British soldiers based in Gibraltar shot at a boy painted in the colours of the Spanish flag during target practice.

An amusing mistake in your website article. I think you meant  ”buoy,” not “boy”.

Not a former president…


Former guerrilla favored to win Uruguay election

Former President Pedro Bordaberry, who finished third in the initial round, has thrown his support behind Lacalle, whose candidacy marks a comeback after his presidential term ended with corruption accusations involving several top aides.

In the article you mention ’former president Pedro Bordaberry’. The author is confused or didn’t research enough on Uruguay.

The wrong word…


Cadbury hits new high as bidders circle

Many analysts doubt whether either of these three would bid alone, but possible combinations of them could trump Kraft’s current cash and shares bid of 9.9 billion pounds ($16.4 billion) or push the American food giant Kraft to raise its offer.

In my Canadian Oxford Dictionary the definition for “either” is “one or the other of two”.

Top shelf price?


Darwin book found on shelf worth up to $100,000

That is one expensive shelf! Have your copy editor read about dangling modifiers.

I suggest “Darwin book worth up to $100,000 found on shelf.” Unless, of course, you did mean that the shelf was worth so much money.

Dawning on us….


FX nabs rights to air “Twilight” saga

Summit has yet to green-light production on “Breaking Down,” an adaptation of the fourth book in Stephenie Meyer’s “Twilight” series.

Just wanted to let you know that your article “FX nabs rights to air “Twilight” saga”, has a typo.

The wrong pronoun?


Transsexual in Italian political scandal murdered

ROME (Reuters) – A Brazilian transsexual caught up in a scandal which prompted the resignation of a senior Italian politician — the center-left governor of Lazio region, which includes Rome — was found burned to death in his home Friday.

I find it shocking that in this day and age, you still refer to a male-to-female transsexual as a “he”. I find this both old fashioned and disrespectful to the person you are reporting about.

The President’s book…


Obama gets five minutes with half-brother in China

“It’s no secret that my father was a troubled person. Anybody who’s read my first book, ‘Dreams of My Father’, knows that, you know, he had an alcoholism problem and that he didn’t treat his families very well,” the president said.

Regarding your article about President Obama meeting briefly with his half-brother in China, you listed the name of his book incorrectly as “Dreams OF My Father.” The correct title of the book is “Dreams FROM My Father.”

Hey you, make my day?

- France makes Eastwood’s day, gives him top honor

He called Eastwood, whose line “Come on, make my day” from Dirty Harry became a global catchphrase, “a myth, a giant, an example of the admiration we have for American culture.” The Dirty Harry quote in the Clint Eastwood story reads “Come on, make my day,” but should read: “Go ahead, make my day.”

Jim S.