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How much per dose?


Mexico seizes over 800 tonnes of meth chemicals If the seized chemicals were processed in a sophisticated lab they could yield nearly 3.5 million doses, which would have a street value in the United States of nearly $28 billion, Islas calculated on the basis of current market prices.

I think someone needs to brush up on their math skills, this would be $8,000 a dose, and that would solve the addiction problem.


The problem wasn’t our math skills, it was the basic numbers we used. We should have said nearly 350 million doses, not 3.5 million.

That’s where the problem occurred. We corrected: GBU Editor

A soldier stands guard as members of a forensic team, in chemical protective clothing, prepare to enter a warehouse used to store chemicals for illicit drug processing at an industrial park in Queretaro July 20, 2011. REUTERS/Demian Chavez

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The wrong decision…


HTC Corp Will Appeal ITC’s Decision Against Apple Inc. On Patents-DJ

Dow Jones reported that HTC Corp plans to appeal a preliminary ruling on Friday by the U.S. International Trade Commission that the company infringed on two Apple Inc. patents. There is an error in your headline.”HTC Corp Will Appeal ITC’s Decision Against Apple Inc. On Patents-DJ” should read “HTC Corp Will Appeal ITC’s Decision In Favour of Apple Inc. On Patents-DJ”  

The zoo is open…


The Minnesota Zoo re-opened on July 3 (2 days after the shutdown began) but its still reported on Reuters as being closed.


That photo was not a good choice to illustrate the ongoing story. We removed the picture: GBU Editor

The price of copper…


As copper soars, thieves extract a price

NEW YORK, July 13 (Reuters) – When thieves ransacked eight air conditioners in an apartment complex in the city of Mobile, Alabama, the culprits made off with $800 worth of scrap metal and left residents with $38,000 worth of damages.

The price of the red metal traded in New York HGc1 rallied to its highest in nearly three months during the first week of July, placing it within 5 percent of its all-time high of $465 per pound in mid-February this year. Even at roughly $439 on Wednesday morning, the price was still right for thieves.

A sloppy spectacle?


United Airlines Frequent Flyer Hits 10 Million Miles

Upon arriving to Chicago on United flight 942 from Los Angeles, Stuker was greeted by United’s President and CEO Jeff Smisek and a whole enterage of other people. Before he de-planed, it was quite the skeptical and people gathered around not knowing what they were watching.

Are there any editors at Reuters?

Not only was entourage spelled wrong in this item, but spectacle was written as skeptical.

The wrong words…


Roche undeterred after FDA’s Avastin rebuff

ZURICH (Reuters) – Swiss drugmaker Roche Holding AG had nothing to lose by giving Avastin another role of the dice, and by doing so showed the world it still believes the drug should be used in breast cancer.

“…another role of the dice….”

Really? Which role will the dice now play?

Helping You Help Yourselves

UK Stocks-Factors to watch on Friday July 1

LONDON, July 1 (Reuters) – Britain’s top share index is seen opening flat to lower on Friday, pausing for breath after a strong run this week, at the start of a new month and quarter, with investors focusing back on fundamentals as immediate fears over the Greek debt crisis reside.



Hi. I subscribe to your ‘daily newsmail’.

If you don’t change the section heading DEAL’S TODAY to DEALS TODAY, I shall be forced to unsubscribe.


The unnecessary apostrophe was part of our template, unfortunately.

We’ve fixed it now, although unsubscribing over a typo seems kind of extreme: GBU Editor

It’s pretty far from here…


Black hole shreds star, sparking gamma ray flash
What makes this even stranger is that the black hole, located in the constellation Draco (The Dragon) about 4 billion light years, or 24 trillion miles (38.62 trillion km) from Earth, was sitting quietly, not eating much, when a star about the mass of our Sun moved into range.

This story contains a very large order of magnitude error.

Four billion light years is certainly not 24 trillion miles but 24 zettamiles, or 23 followed by 21 zeros. If the reporting were correct, then a light year would equal only about 6000 miles! Conversely, twenty-four trillion miles is not 4 billion light years, but 4 light years (the closest black hole to Earth is 1600 light years away).

He’s still not a Republican


Today, Reuters released a report concerning Anthony Weiner and his resignation. Today’s headline reads “Amid scandal, US Republican Weiner steps down”.

Reuters writers should be very aware that former Rep. Weiner is not a Republican and is in fact a Democrat.

Michele, one “l”….



U.S. Rep. Michelle Bachmann (R-MN) talks to the audience after the end of the first New Hampshire debate of the 2012 campaign at St. Anselms College in Manchester, New Hampshire June 13, 2011.  REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton

Bachmann files papers to enter US White House race

MANCHESTER, N.H., June 13 (Reuters) – U.S. Representative Michelle Bachmann said on Monday she has filed the paperwork to formally enter the race for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination.