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Teach your parents well?


Peanut allergy stirs controversy at Florida school

EGYPT/Attempts to teach the girl’s parents for comment on Monday were unsuccessful.

Oh, “Attempts to teach the girl’s parents” huh?

Well there’s your problem right there, can’t teach her parents nothin’.


Ouch. I’m pretty sure we meant reach: GBU Editor

A vendor sells pulp and peanuts near Tahrir Square in the centre of Cairo March 2, 2011. Protesters have returned to Tahrir Square to push for political reform. REUTERS/Amr Abdallah Dalsh

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A Stern warning…


Stern Advice: Tax breaks for the Sandwich Generation

USA/– Work with your siblings to help Mom. Unlike your child, your aging parent doesn’t have to live with you to qualify as a dependent. If she is in a nursing home or assisted living facility and you provide more than half of her support, she’s a dependent. You don’t even have to do it all by yourself — all of the money that you and your siblings put in together can be counted as one.

This is incorrect, in that your child does NOT have to live with you to qualify as a dependent.

Hold the anchovies?


Millions of dead anchovies swamp L.A.-area marina

FISH-DIEOFF/“The issue now is cleanup because we have tons and tons of dead fish rotting and purifying, which obviously creates hazardous material,” Keenan said.

They’re PUTREFYING, not PURIFYING. The ‘t’ makes an enormous difference. Otherwise a good story.

Bad headline…


Air Canada flies lesser passengers in Feb

AIRCANADA/I think the correct word is ‘fewer’ not ‘lesser’ in the headline. Better editing please.


Yikes! We corrected, of course: GBU Editor

Air Canada aircraft at the terminal at Vancouver International Airport in Richmond, British Columbia February 10, 2011. REUTERS/Andy Clark

Not in Canada?


Alberta ranked as world’s top mining jurisdiction

CANADA BOOMTOWNMiners saw the Canadian provinces of Alberta, Nevada and Saskatchewan as jurisdictions with the most appealing mining policies, but Quebec and Manitoba also made it into the top 10.

Nevada is a province of Canada? Really? This is great news! Finally somewhere I can go to escape winter that is still Canadian territory.

Whose fists are those?


gbu lawmakers 490

You incorrectly headlined a video clip “Protesters pump fists at Wisconsin lawmakers.”

Those are actually Democratic lawmakers pumping fists at Republican lawmakers after the surprise vote late Thursday night in the State Assembly.

The wrong tomb?


gbu pope tomb 490

You have the wrong information in a photo caption.

The Photo is Benedict XVI praying in front of tomb of John Paul I. John Paul II is buried in ground, and has a slanting tombstone.


Indeed. We corrected the photo caption: GBU Editor

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Contradictory concepts?


Tide turns in favour of Egypt’s Brotherhood in revolt

EGYPTBut perhaps the most novel element in its manifesto is that it advocates “jihad,” innovative interpretation of the Koran to bring Islamic law in tune with the demands of changing times.

The definition provided in your story is for a concept known as “ijtihad,” not “jihad.” These are different, and in a way contradictory, concepts.

Who had the right age?


Comedian Charlie Callas dies at 83

gbu callas 220LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) – Charlie Callas, a rubber-faced stand-up comedian and Mel Brooks regular who worked on television, in films and on stage for five decades, died Thursday in a Las Vegas hospice. He was 86.

Reading both the AP and your article concerning the death of Charlie Callas via Yahoo! News I noted that your story had him at 86 and AP said 83.

The wrong king?


Geoffrey Rush against re-editing “King’s Speech”

USA/Rush also voiced his frustration over critics who say “The King’s Speech’ distorts history by omitting details, such as Edward VII’s (Guy Pearce) Nazi sympathies and Winston Churchill’s (Timothy Spall) support of Edward VII during his embarrassing abdication of the throne to his brother.

The article wrongly attributes actor Guy Pearce to playing Edward VII. He is in fact playing Edward VIII. King Edward VII was Queen Victoria’s son.