Good, Bad, and Ugly

Reader reaction to Reuters news

Just a poverty group?


Senate denies funds for poverty group

WASHINGTON, Sept 14 (Reuters) – A poverty-rights group that has drawn the ire of conservatives suffered another setback in Washington on Monday when the U.S. Senate voted overwhelmingly to deny it access to federal housing funds.

Are you kidding me?? The headline makes it appear as if our government is withholding funding from an orphanage full of poverty stricken and parentless babies rather than an organization that has been embroiled in controversy for much of the past year (at least).

Why the misleading headline?


Does the headline of your article on the ACORN corruption really fit the content of the article?

Scott W.

How can you refer to ACORN as a “poverty Group?” They have been under investigation for voter fraud, voter tampering, and many other illegal things and now the videos show them helping a prostitute and pimp!! POVERTY GROUP!!??

Where is the coverage?


Obama warns against scare tactics over healthcare

Protesters in Washington brandished American flags and home-made signs venting their anger at Obama and the Democrats who control both houses of the U.S. Congress, accusing them of pushing the country toward bankruptcy with reckless spending.

“Taxed Enough Already!” one man shouted, while others listened to speakers and traded leaflets. The crowd appeared to be one of the largest rallies against Obama since he took office, although it did not come close to matching the turnout on the National Mall for his inauguration in January.

Tea parties…


How is it that America had thousands of Tax Protests yesterday and you don’t have anything listed in your “Top Stories” section?

If there were thousands of individual protests across the county speaking out about war you would have been all over it. But when average American Citizens gather peacefully you act as if it didn’t happen?