Good, Bad, and Ugly

Reader reaction to Reuters news

Was religion relevant?


Jakarta introduces women-only trains to avoid groping

INDONESIA/JAKARTA (Reuters Life!) – Women-only train carriages were launched this week in Jakarta in Indonesia, the world’s most populous Muslim country, in an attempt to avert groping and sexual harassment on packed commuter trains.

Your editors are showing their anti-Islamic bias again.

The first paragraph gratuitously labels Indonesia “the world’s most populous Muslim nation.” This is irrelevant to the story, unless you wanted to deliberately link “Muslims” with “groping”. Why else would you include those words?

When those same trains first came out in Japan, I bet you didn’t label Japan “the mainly Shinto Buddhist nation”. Nor, later on, India “the mainly Hindu nation”. Last time you ignored my letter on this issue. Perhaps I should refer my comments to the Press Council?

David B.

If we felt Indonesia’s religion was somehow relevant to this story, we should have made the reason clear to our readers. In this case, we did not: GBU Editor

Is that what she said?


arrest-face-200.jpgI am a Bosnian citizen. Please, before airing a video, make sure you have all your facts accurate. 

The Bosnian woman shown in the video did not say what the translation made her say. Perhaps she said it later during the interview, but not when the translation is played.

Negro spirituals


Chuck Berry won’t sing for ‘Johnny’ in US election

spirituals-180.jpg ”In the ’50s there were certain places we couldn’t ride on the bus,” Berry said. “And now there is a possibility of a black man being in White House. Free at last, free at last, thank God Almighty, free at last,” he said, quoting the words of a Negro spiritual song famously invoked by assassinated civil rights campaigner Martin Luther King Jr.

I can only hope that the reporter and editors on this story are Brazilian and therefore unfamiliar with how archaic and offensive the term “Negro” is considered here in the U.S.  Seriously.

Lost in translation



Your Brazilian site has a wrong automatic translator. This month is MAY, and your Brazilian website translates”may” as a word that in Brazil means: “MAY I go to the bathroom?” In English, this words are the same, but not in Portuguese. 


Your Brazilian website is incorrectly translating dates from English.  The date “Monday, May 12 2008″ is currently being translated as “segunda-feira, 12 de pode de 2008″, which mistranslates “May” (“maio” in Portuguese) to “pode”, which means “may” in the sense of “can, is able to”.

Another meaning…


Young Pennsylvania voters take a shine to Obama

obama-180.jpgI think a news headline about taking a “shine” to a man of color is considered in poor taste, at best.

Mark S.

Please reseach Black folklore and historical use of the term “Shine” that your use in the same sentence with Sen Obama. I think you will find it, if not inappropriate, at least a pretty odd choice of words.

Halting vs braking?


Bush climate plan said too little, too late  

On Wednesday, President George W. Bush unveiled a plan to halt the growth of U.S. emissions by 2025, toughening a previous goal of braking the growth of emissions by 2012. The United States and China are the top emitters. 

I don’t understand how allowing oneself an extra 13 years to achieve what appears to be the same goal is “toughening” it. Is this a typo, or am I misreading it?

Very heavy grapes and gems?


Engagement ring ends up gone with the wind

diamond-180.jpgHajji, of Hackney, east London, had concealed a 6,000-pound engagement ring inside a helium balloon. The idea was that she would pop the balloon as he popped the question.

A 6,000-pound ring?

Dale M. 

Accountant loses 300,000 pound grape lawsuit

Those of us who are not on your monetary system read this headline to be refer to litigation rergarding the largest grape ever grown. £ would have been clearer and would have saved space.