Good, Bad, and Ugly

Reader reaction to Reuters news

Who crowned the King of Pop?


Fans overlook Michael Jackson’s dark side

In the days following the self-proclaimed king of pop’s death on June 25 aged 50, reports of prescription-drug abuse have served as eerie reminders of the pharmaceutical cocktails that Presley was taking before he died in 1977.

I normally have great respect for Reuters, but I am disappointed in your lack of journalistic standards where Michael Jackson is concerned.

Where did the “self-proclaimed king of pop” come from in your “Fans Overlook Michael Jackson’s dark side??

Can you offer your readers evidence that Michael did proclaim himself King of Pop (and if you can, why didn’t you offer it?) or, as I suspect, did you just repeat something you’ve heard other people say without doing your own investigation?

He was alive when he made it…


‘Transformers’ $60.6 mln debut topples Wed. record

The effects rich, alien versus robot war movie, came close to eclipsing last year’s single-day debut of Batman movie “The Dark Knight,” which posthumously starred actor Heath Ledger and took in $67.2 million in domestic markets on its Friday debut.

In your article that compares the box office of the movies “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” and “The Dark Knight”, the writer claims actor Heath Ledger posthumously starred in his movie.

He didn’t marry Mia…

- Woody Allen eyes Carla Bruni for film role   Something of a specialist in creating roles for women, he made Diane Keaton a star with “Annie Hall” in 1977 and has since worked with actresses ranging from his former wife Mia Farrow to Mira Sorvino and Scarlett Johansson.

Correction….Allen was never married to Mia Farrow as you erroneously state.
I guess my question is: why don’t you have a more visible way to comment or correct stories? Had to dig for his and am not sure this is the right place…


Several readers pointed this out to us. We corrected. I’m sorry you had trouble finding a way to send us feedback. Obviously, it did reach the right place: GBU Editor

Letterman and Palin


McCain defends Palin against Letterman

Letterman joked that a Palin daughter, presumably Bristol, 18, had sex with New York Yankees star Alex Rodriguez during a baseball game the ex-vice presidential candidate attended. Bristol gave birth to a child last year fathered by her former fiance.

Your story contains a major factual error. Mr. Letterman was not referring to Bristol Palin (18 years old), but rather Willow Palin (14 years old).

Susan Boyle story


I awoke to my Comcast top news stories which included one on Susan Boyle.

How could your journalists drag up the worst possbile photo from ages ago and report that she has pulled out of the tour when she has clearly been announced to be performing today again. We are very disappointed in reporting under the Reuters name that is so clearly tabloid negative hearsay.

“Concerns for her mental health…indeed.”  No one has any insight on what is going on around her, thanks to her team of managers, family and doctors, so please go back to facts you really know are true.

So what if he’s white?


Twilight” sweeps MTV Awards

Sweeping high above the studio on a harness, Cohen hit an obstacle, spun down toward the audience and landed face down in the lap of Eminem, exposing his naked bottom to both the white rapper and to millions of viewers watching the awards show live on television.

I was reading the story in curiosity of what happened at the annual debacle of the MTV Movie Awards and something quite curious popped up at me.

Not his poem?


Poem by teenaged Bob Dylan up for auction

NEW YORK (Reuters) – A hand-written poem by a teenaged Bob Dylan and signed Bobby Zimmerman goes on auction on June 23 during a Christie’s pop culture sale, the auction house said on Tuesday.

Note the supposed 1957 poem ‘Little Buddy’ by Bobby Zimmerman, aka Bob Dylan, is actually a transcription of the Hank Snow song, ‘Little Buddy’ (lyrics easily googled).

Dom DeLuise roles


Dom DeLuise dies at age 75

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Dom DeLuise, the U.S. comic actor who gained fame on television and in movies such as “Blazing Saddles” and “Smokey and the Bandit II,” has died at age 75.

Your story about Dom DeLuise states that he was in the movie Blazing Saddles…he was not.

Not Cirque du Soleil?


Billy Elliot’ leads race for top US theater honors

The best theatrical event award pits comedian Will Ferrell’s show “You’re Welcome America. A Final Night with George W. Bush” against entertainer Liza Minnelli’s “Liza’s at The Palace,” Cirque du Soleil’s “Slava’s Snowshow” and Chinese production “Soul of Shaolin.”

“Slava’s Snowshow” is NOT a Cirque du Soleil production. In fact it’s not even Canadian — it’s an Australian production. Doesn’t anyone check this stuff?

Big difference…


Colorado man arrested for shooting bounty hunter “Dog”

DENVER (Reuters) – A Colorado man was arrested on Wednesday after eyewitnesses claimed he may have fired a gun at reality TV star Duane “Dog” Chapman as the bounty hunter tried to apprehend him, police said.

Chapman, star of the A&E network’s “Dog the Bounty Hunter,” escaped unharmed, Whitlock said.