Good, Bad, and Ugly

Reader reaction to Reuters news

Biggest oil spill?


BP plans asset sale of $30 billion

OIL-SPILL/BP-TAXHowever, the company, facing public anger over the biggest oil spill in U.S. history, tempted further ire by denying it needed cultural change and by offsetting the costs of the spill, including expected fines, against its taxes.

Your article claims this is the largest oil spill in US history: catastrophic as it is, this is not the worst oil spill in the US.

That accolade belongs to the ‘Lakeview Gusher’ in California, which flowed for 16 months between May 1910 and September 1911, releasing an estimated 9 million barrels of crude oil – about 283 million Imperial gallons (378 million US gall).

Our story should have used worst instead of biggest. We fixed it in a subsequent version: GBU Editor

Asbestos banned?


EnPro unit files for bankruptcy over asbestos claims

NEWYORK-EXPLOSION/Asbestos, once widely used in manufacturing, has been banned by the U.S. government after it was proven to cause cancer, often in people who were exposed by breathing in asbestos particles.

You incorrectly stated in this article that asbestos has been banned in the U.S.

Oil spill victims?


Over 300 dead birds are likely Gulf spill victims

OIL-RIG/LEAKLOS ANGELES, May 24 (Reuters) – More than 300 sea birds, nearly 200 turtles and 19 dolphins have been found dead along the U.S. Gulf Coast during the first five weeks of BP’s huge oil spill off Louisiana, wildlife officials reported on Monday.

When did birds start becoming victims? They’re birds, not humans. You people are getting wackier every day.

It didn’t sink


BP halts video of leaking pipe, blames dirty lens

FRANCE-VALDEZOn Thursday BP said it was making progress on plugging the ruptured well as U.S. government figures showed the disaster has eclipsed the previous worst U.S. oil spill caused by the sinking of the tanker Exxon Valdez in 1989.

Your article states that Exxon Valdez ‘sank’. This is false.

The tanker struck Bligh Reef and its cargo hold ruptured, causing the spill – but it never sank.

Green news on


wanted to know why the Environment tab is no longer available.

I am very interested in the Reuters environment issues and would like to see it come back.


I have been using the environmental section of your website to keep up on issues that are important to me. I can’t seem to find it any more. Have you relocated the section or eliminated it?

They joined…


China wants importers to cover some emission costs

China, like the United States, did not join the 17-year-old Kyoto Protocol aimed at reducing global emissions of carbon dioxide and other pollutants linked to climate change problems.

There is a significant factual error in this article. China has signed and ratified the Kyoto treaty, along with much of the world, the United States has not.