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Reader reaction to Reuters news


Heat wave to test Southern California power grid
NEW YORK, July 20 (Reuters) – The largest utility in southern California urged consumer on Monday to conserve power to help keep air conditioners running without interruption as hot weather sends demand soaring over the next few days.

Temperatures in Los Angles will reach the low 90s Fahrenheit (low 30s Celsius) Monday and Tuesday with the humidity making it feel more like the low 100s F (high 30s C), according to

You are one of the Top 2 news sources of reliable information now for decades, aren’t you? In today’s New York article about California’s heat wave, on the site right now, there are 2 – TWO – TYPOS!!!

The first paragraph it should be “consumers” – plural. And it’s “ANGELES” not “Angles”!! Shame on you, I am completely disappointed you let this happen. In this age of texting boneheads who can’t spell, I’d have thought you’d try harder to avoid these errors.

Gee Whiz!

Definitely not our finest hour. We corrected: GBU Editor

The sun rises over electric power lines in Encinitas, California September 4, 2007. A heat wave continues into a seventh day in southern California. REUTERS/Mike Blake

The Twilight zone…


“Twilight” film franchise looks ahead

In “New Moon,” Edward leaves Bella, sending Bella into a depression and a friendship with another vampire.

I just wanted to inform you that with your article about Summit Entertainment putting Twilight’s sequels into movies, Bella Swan befriends a werewolf, Jacob Black, not another vampire in New Moon. Thanks

Record popularity…


Bush to write book; Palin may steal limelight

“I want people to know what it’s like to make some of the decisions I had to make. What was the moment like. I’ve had one of these presidencies where I had to make some tough calls,” said Bush, who has a record popularity in opinion polls.

Bush has a record popularity?

A. J.

We meant record LOW popularity. We corrected: GBU Editor

REUTERS photo by Mike Segar

Wine reference causes ferment…


Green Living: Going raw sparks life change — and a movie

Norwood said eating raw did not have to be dull. Wine is distilled not fermented so is raw and you can get raw chocolate. You may wish to revise this sentence, as wine is most certainly fermented.

Matthew P.



Hi. I am Hossein Nazari from Tehran, Iran.You have misquoted me in your video script. You quote me as saying “…you have to rapidly change your formal policies towards Iran,” when I actually said “… you have to RADICALLY change your FORMER policies towards Iran.”

If you watch the video, it is clear you are right and we mis-transcribed those two words in the quote. We have corrected it: GBU Editor

The wrong war…


McCain tilts towards Taiwan, Obama may favor China

Analysts say neither candidate would radically change today’s status quo, but the former World War Two commander McCain is seen favoring Taiwan, which Americans of his generation called “Free China” but which now struggles for an international voice.

I may have this wrong but this story seemed to imply that Senator McCain had served as a commander in the Second World War. Considering he was born in 1936 this would make him an incredibly capable individual indeed!!

A different airplane…


Obama to leave trail and visit sick grandmother

Obama often makes references to his grandmother on the campaign trail, mentioning that she worked on a B-1 bomber assembly plant during World War Two. Later, she worked as a secretary in a bank and was eventually promoted to vice president. She helped put Obama through private school in Hawaii.

I don’t think she would have worked on the B-1 during World War Two. Maybe the B-17, or B-24?

What kind of unrest?


China seeks to contain ongong Tibet unresttibet-180.jpg

I believe this is meant to be “ongoing”.


Yes. Several readers caught this one. We corrected: GBU Editor

REUTERS photo by Rupak De Chowdhuri