Good, Bad, and Ugly

Reader reaction to Reuters news

An amazing pic…



Brian Snyder’s photo of Tim Lincecum, “An Ace for a New Era” in the NYT online edition, is spectacular.

The center point for me, was the clarity of the pitcher’s eye; the capturing of the white, of the hazel. And then, I noticed the mane of hair waving in motion. And all of this framed in the crick of his elbow and the drop of his glove. An amazing pic shot by a pro. Thanks.


Thanks for noticing. You may enjoy reading the photographer’s account of taking this picture, in our photo blog: GBU Editor

San Francisco Giants starting pitcher Tim Lincecum delivers to the Texas Rangers in the first inning during Game 5 of Major League Baseball’s World Series in Arlington, Texas, November 1, 2010. REUTERS/Brian Snyder

Not our place to judge…


gbu editor choice

Wish that the dear editor had done a little better job by saying at least one condemning or condoning word about that nasty looking clinched fist of the undercover Israeli agent, aimed at the eyeballs of the restrained protester.


I think you have the wrong idea. This feature is a collection of our best news photos, not a chance for an editor to give a thumbs-up or thumbs-down to the actions depicted in them: GBU Editor

Not what they said…


Cooper Tire sees higher raw material costs in 2011

logo_CooperTiresBANGALORE, Nov 1 (Reuters) – Cooper Tire & Rubber Co said it expects raw material costs to climb further in 2011 as tightening supplies and increased demand from automakers drive up the prices for natural rubber.

My name is Curtis Schneekloth and I serve as Cooper Tire’s Director of Investor Relations.

Stating the obvious?


Gunmen kill 13 at birthday party in Mexico

MEXICO-SHOOTING/“I don’t know what happened. I was here with my son, who is a boy,” said the man, who declined to be identified.

In your news story, there is a quote from a man who refused to give his name. The man is quoted saying, “I was here with my son, who is a boy.”

What kind of cargo ship?


Dutch cargo ship and ferry collide in busy canal

NETHERLANDS/COLLISIONAMSTERDAM (Reuters) – A small passenger ferry capsized on Friday after colliding with a German cargo ship in a busy Dutch shipping canal and the ferry captain went missing.

You might want to reword your headline. It appears to be a GERMAN cargo ship, not a Dutch one.

Show your stripes…


Myanmar gets new flag, official name, anthem

gbu myanmar flag 220The new flag has a horizontal band of light green at the top, dark green in the center and red at the bottom, with a white star in the middle. There has been no official explanation as to what the colours or the star represent.

With regard to your story “Myanmar gets new flag, official name, anthem,” you say the new flag “has a horizontal band of light green at the top, dark green in the center and red at the bottom.”

Charges dropped?


Pentagon cautions news media on WikiLeaks documents

SWEDEN-WIKILEAKS/Assange has been establishing a base in Sweden in order to benefit from the Nordic country’s strict journalist protection laws. He is also being investigated over rape allegations in Sweden, which he has denied, calling them baseless.

It has been widely reported that the rape charges were dropped.

The relevancy of the remaining charges would appear to have no bearing on the article on hand, and the original statement would appear to be included as an attempt of character assassination by the author.

No wheeze, please…


German “heatball” wheeze outwits EU light bulb ban

EU-ENERGY/LIGHT-BULBSI realize that the level of English competency has fallen dramatically during this day and age, but unless the German in question has a serious case of the flu, I assume you meant to use the word “Whiz” in your headline.

When a news outlet such as “Reuters” makes such basic spelling errors in its headlines, and it remains unnoticed for this long, what is the English-speaking world coming to, in terms of education!!

No fire in the tunnel…



FACTBOX – Key facts on the Channel Tunnel

Oct 7 (Reuters) – A row has erupted over the choice of trains for the Channel Tunnel, with France challenging a decision by Eurostar to switch to a German manufacturer for its next generation of high-speed passenger trains.

Here are some key facts about the Channel Tunnel:

2010 – Eurostar train services to London are suspended in May due to a fire in the Channel Tunnel.

A bad one…


Many obese people see no need to lose weight

CHINA/NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – A substantial proportion of obese people don’t think they’re too fat, new research shows.

Among more than 2,000 obese Dallas County residents surveyed in 2000-2002, 14 percent of African Americans and 11 percent of Hispanics — but just 2 percent of whites — believed that they needed to lose weight, Dr. Tiffany M. Powell of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas and her colleagues found.