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Reader reaction to Reuters news

What sport is this, anyway?


Classy Durant ends 16-year long wait for U.S

BASKETBALL-WORLD/ISTANBUL, Sept 12 (Reuters) – World championship favourites the United States ended a long wait by beating Turkey 81-64 in the final Sunday to win their first title in 16 years thanks to inspirational forward Kevin Durant.

Still only 21 and coming off his third professional season, the Oklahoma Thunder prodigy won the tournament’s Most Valuable Player award with a series of majestic performances.

In regard to your story… Classy Durant ends 16-year long wait for U.S….

I had to go to AFP to learn that the story involved the sport of basketball.

Apparently Reuters does not think there is a world outside of basketball, not unlike Washington DC which does not think there is a world outside of perpetual war aided by its Reuters parrots.

Real death threats?


US pastor backs off Koran-burning plan for now

USA-MUSLIMS/PASTORJones’ adult son Luke, who wore a handgun on his hip because of death threats against church members, told   reporters his father would fly to New York later on Friday.     

Shouldn’t that be ‘alleged death threats,’ or ‘reported death threats?’

What’s burning?



There is a widely distributed image credited to Reuters. Honest reporting dictates that you tell us what is burning in the background.

To be more clear, this was a protest against the planned burning of the Koran in Florida, and most of us believe that they are burning Bibles in the background.

No sideburns here…


Florida pastor not backing down on Koran-burning

USA-MUSLIMS/“We are not convinced that backing down is the right thing,” Jones, a gray-haired, mustachioed preacher with mutton-chop sideburns and author of a book titled “Islam is of the Devil,” told a crowd of reporters in a brief statement made in the grassy yard in front of his stone-and-metal church.

I read this article on the New York Times site. It describes Terry Jones as “a gray-haired, mustachioed preacher with mutton-chop sideburns.”

Style on the Koran…


Obama says planned Koran burning is boosting Qaeda

PAKISTAN/WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Barack Obama warned on Thursday that a Florida pastor’s plan to burn copies of the Koran is being used as an al Qaeda recruitment tool and he urged the minister to reconsider the decision.

Please Use the Correct Spellings Of Muslims Holy Book , Use “QURAN” Not Koran.It Would Be Very Appreciative If This Correction has been made in all your digital and print versions.

The other hockey?



Hockey-World-Hosts Argentina secure top spot with England win

ROSARIO, Sept 6 (Reuters) – Hosts Argentina, keeping their goal intact for the fourth successive match, beat England 2-0 Monday to win Pool B at the women’s hockey World Cup.

This was a Reuters Sports News Headline.

Surely it should read either “Soccer or Football” as I am certain that women’s world cup hockey is not being played in Argentina. Further, the article reads like a soccer commentary with terms like “corner penalty specialist”. Although a reference to a “shot from the top of the circle” had me utterly confused for a moment.

Shameless mistake


gbu cusack 490

You know there’s more than one Cusack, right? You have a story about Joan Cusack, but you illustrated it with a photo of JOHN Cusack.


Yes. We replaced his photo with that of the correct Cusack: GBU Editor

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A Very Brady error?


Bristol Palin, Hasselhoff join “Dancing With the Stars”

LEISUREFans of the TV family sitcom “The Brady Brunch” will be able to watch actress and TV talk show host Florence Anderson, 76, who played Carol Brady in the popular 1970s show.

I was reading your story on Yahoo news about this season’s people on “Dancing with the Stars” when I came to the actress who portrayed Carol Brady on the Brady Bunch.

Erroneous beliefs?


Analysis: Lack of national Muslim leader seen in NY furor

macho obama 240One potential beacon could be President Barack Obama, the country’s first black president and the son of a Muslim father. But Obama suffers politically from the erroneous belief by some Americans that he was born outside the United States and that he, a Christian, is really a Muslim.

You need to remove the word ‘erroneous’ from this paragraph. It’s not proven one way or the other!

The wrong COO?


CORRECTED – Baird continues sweep of Morgan Stanley talent

(In 6th paragraph, corrects to show that Kovics came from Prudential, not Morgan Stanley)

USA/NEW YORK, Aug 24 (Reuters) – Baird Private Wealth Management said on Tuesday it hired eight advisers and a branch manager from Morgan Stanley Smith Barney to establish new offices in Charleston, South Carolina, and Fort Worth, Texas.