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Reader reaction to Reuters news

The wrong hemisphere?


Venezuela murder-rate quadrupled under Chavez -NGO

gbu equator 280With a murder rate of 140 per 100,000 citizens, Venezuela’s capital Caracas has the highest murder rate in South America, only exceeded in the hemisphere by Mexico’s Ciudad Juarez.

In your story you incorrectly state that Venezuela is in the same hemisphere as Mexico.

Venezuela is in the Southern Hemisphere and Mexico is in the Northern Hemisphere.


Venezuela is indeed in South America, but I believe the entire country is located north of the equator. That puts it in the Northern Hemisphere – the same as Mexico: GBU Editor

No, the other Korea…


north korea490

south korea flag cropPlease see this page. I can see our national flag on the sled, called ‘Taegukgi.’

It is the South Korean national flag. Yes, I’m South Korean and want to correct the caption that says North Korea.

Kiev vs. Kyiv…



Ukraine to borrow abroad to pay for April T-bills

KIEV, Feb 15 (Reuters) – Ukraine will try to borrow abroad soon in order to meet a hefty bill for domestic debt due in April, deputy finance minister Andriy Kravets said on Monday, indicating however that the loan would be not be public.

An observation, not a question. Will you please stop spelling Kyiv by the old transliteration from Russian.

Which country was it?


gbu malaysia church

Please re-edit the script in you video…. the reader mentioned the country as should be Malaysia.


It was a very confusing report, to be sure. We pulled it: GBU Editor

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Not in South America….


Matrimoni gay, da Città del Messico il primo ok sudamericano

MEXICO-GAYMARRIAGE/Reading your headlines in Reuters Italy I read one that says: Gay marriage in Mexico , the first one in Southamerica. I would like to tell you that Mexico is NOT located in south america. I think this is a very big mistake.


Yes. We corrected: GBU Editor

A gay couple kisses outside the city’s assembly in Mexico City December 21, 2009. REUTERS/Daniel Aguilar

Where’s the chocolate?


Travel Picks: Top 10 chocolate museums****** 3. Pannys Amazing World of Chocolate, Phillip Island Chocolate Factory; Newhaven, Phillip Island, Victoria, Canada******You have an error in this article. Number three is listed as Pannys Amazing World of Chocolate, Phillip Island Chocolate Factory; Newhaven, Phillip Island, Victoria, Canada.******It’s not in Victoria Canada, it’s in Victoria, Australia.*********Lorri******Indeed. We corrected: GBU Editor***

Model Nikole poses in a dress of chocolate wrapping in front of the Cologne cathedral in a 2007 file photo. REUTERS/Ina Fassbender


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Wonderful, Wonderful Copengahen?


Queen of Denamrk Margrethe II arrives at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Congress at the Opera house in Copengahen October 1, 2009….

Did you notice this caption talks about COPENGAHEN?


Sigh. Yes. And Denamrk, too. We had to correct a whole bunch of photo captions in this series: GBU Editor

The youngest?


British teen becomes youngest to sail world solo

LONDON (Reuters) – A 17-year-old Briton became the youngest person to sail round the globe single-handed on Thursday after nine months at sea.

Mike Perham suffered knockdowns and damage to his yacht during the 24,000-mile (38,700-km) trip and the teenager from Hertfordshire, southern England, said he was now looking forward to a “good meal and a very good night’s sleep.”

Not even in the ballpark


Four killers of US official could escape death-lawyer

Granville was the first U.S. official to be killed in Khartoum for more than 30 years. He was returning home from New Year celebrations on Jan. 1, 2008, when he and Rahama were shot. Granville was from near Buffalo, close to New York City.

In today’s news story you state that Buffalo, the home of murdered US aid worker John Granville, is “close to New York City.”

Woodrow Wilson or Ronald Reagan?


The video you have posted regarding the U.S.-China Strategic Economic Conference incorrectly states that the event is occurring at the Woodrow Wilson Center in Washington, DC.

The event (at which President Obama was the keynote speaker)is taking place at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center (The Ronald Reagan Building), Washington, DC.