Good, Bad, and Ugly

Reader reaction to Reuters news

The hijacker’s religion?


Religious fanatic briefly hijacks Mexican plane

MEXICO CITY, Sept 9 (Reuters) – A Bolivian-born man clutching a Bible and claiming a divine mission hijacked a plane in Mexico with more than 100 people aboard on Wednesday, but the incident ended quickly and without bloodshed.

Jose Flores, who told police he was a Protestant minister, seized the AeroMexico Boeing 737 after take off from the Caribbean resort of Cancun demanding to speak to Mexican President Felipe Calderon.

Surely if every time a Muslim fanatic commits an act of terror, you call this nutjob a Muslim, you made an error or an oversight by not identifying the hijacker of this plane as a Christian.

But  then why would you let a little thing like confirmed bigotry against Islam to color your editorial judgement in headlining a Christian nut job’s vile behavior

Not a real Third World War…


South Africa threatens “3rd world war” over Semenya

KLEINMOND, South Africa (Reuters) – South Africa reacted angrily on Friday to a report that tests on its world champion runner Caster Semenya had found she was a hermaphrodite, threatening a “third world war” over the affair.

“I think it would be the third world war. We will go to the highest levels in contesting such a decision. I think it would be totally unfair and totally unjust,” said Sports Minister Makhenkesi Stofile.

Act of love?


Man poisoned wife in “ill thought-out” act of love

LONDON (Reuters Life!) – A British pensioner who tried to poison his estranged wife so he could rekindle her love by nursing her back to health escaped jail on Friday.

William Dowling, 69, slipped mercury into his wife Maureen’s tea at least five times.

Objective headline?


Senator holds up U.S. anti-drug aid to Mexico

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Mexico has not yet met human rights requirements laid down in U.S. law for the release of millions of dollars in U.S. anti-narcotics aid, a Democratic senator said on Wednesday.

Senator Patrick Leahy said in a statement that it would be premature for the U.S. government to issue a report affirming Mexico is respecting human rights in its war against drug traffickers.

Run, Mr. President!


Nigeria to hunt down Islamic radicals, president

Nigeria wants to hunt down its president? Heh. That headline is quite amusing.


Sigh. We subsequently replaced the comma with a dash: GBU Editor

Nigeria’s President Umaru Yar’Adua attends prayers celebrating the end of Ramadan in the capital Abuja, September 29, 2008.REUTERS/Afolabi Sotunde

They aren’t in jail…


Pirate Bay founders get rich in jail

STOCKHOLM (Reuters) – Swedish software company Global Gaming Factory X AB said on Tuesday it had agreed to buy free file-sharing website The Pirate Bay, and that it would find ways to compensate copyright owners for downloaded material.

The four Swedish men behind the website were sentenced in April to one year in jail and ordered to pay damages of 3.6 million dollars for running the site, which is one of the world’s largest for downloading files on the Internet.

Unfortunate wording?


Double blast against Obama shows strain on Qaeda

LONDON (Reuters) – A double blast from al Qaeda against Barack Obama shows shows the group is as worried as ever by the persuasive skills of the U.S. president, who makes a speech to Muslims on Thursday.

Are you stupid, or are you just pawns to the idiocy of internet news? What a stupid and irresponsible headline, double blast agains Obama !!!!!!!!!!!!

Dude, don’t use this in stories…


Wall St Week Ahead: Positive data needed to lift stocks


Also on the docket for next week is Dell Inc. The No. 2 PC maker said on Thursday that it is still cautious about corporate technology spending, but plans to make acquisitions and aggressively pursue enterprise customers in an attempt to win back market share in the United States.

Why would you put this “Dude” type stuff in the middle of a serious article? We look to reuters for updates on serious topics and there is no room for such nonsense in.

Murder sentence headline


Iraqi relatives decry life for U.S. rape soldier

MAHMUDIYA, Iraq (Reuters) – Relatives of a 14-year-old girl who was raped and killed along with her family by U.S. soldiers expressed outrage Friday that the ringleader received a life sentence in a U.S. court instead of execution. Why does the title of this article omit the fact that the soldier was a murderer as well?  By omitting this, it makes the Iraqi families seem unreasonable to decry life for a rapist (and wanting the death sentence.)

Of course, the first sentence of the article makes the nature of the crime clear. If I were editor, I would have made the title: “Iraqis decry life for U.S. rape/murder soldier” which is even shorter than the original title:

Nuclear, nuclear, nuclear…


How can one of the world’s most respected news organizations allow a reporter to use a ‘Bushism’ like ‘nucular’? Please, teach him that ‘nucular’ is not a word – but instead a painfully public error.


Yes, I wish somebody had noticed that in the production stage. You’ll note the headline we used doesn’t make much sense, either. We’ve changed it to “Pakistan doctors protest Taliban.” GBU Editor