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Fairly mild?


U.S. officials track new flu strain

The virus is usually fairly mild but it still kills between 250,000 and 500,000 people in an average year. And every few decades, a completely new strain pops up and it can cause a pandemic, a global epidemic that kills many more than usual.

This was in your article, and I was wondering if it is a typo or mistake? Could you please let me know.


The numbers are accurate, although I admit it is jarring to see the phrase “fairly mild” attached to a death toll like that: GBU Editor

The H1N1 influenza strain in a microscopic image courtesy of the CDC. REUTERS/Handout
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Sorry, wrong number…


5.5 million Americans paralyzed, study finds

“Thirty-sex percent of those who reported being paralyzed said they had ‘a lot of difficulty’ in moving, while 16 percent said they were completely unable to move,” the researchers wrote.

I noted an amusing typo in this article. I did not expect to find humor, and I figured I should share this typo with you (some poor reader might be offended):

Who you calling elderly?


More Americans wary of U.S. tax man this year

An elderly woman in Austin, Texas, who asked not to be named, said her $3,000 debt to the IRS grew to around $60,000 in taxes and penalties over 16 years despite the fact that she paid off the initial debt within six months.

The 61-year-old is disabled and suffers from multiple health problems.

I don’t know who or how old ‘Jasmin Melvin’ is but she(he) is mistaken if she thinks 61yrs is ‘elderly’. How ridiculous!

Not that many deaths?


Groups urge FDA changes to boost U.S. food safety

Michelle Larkin of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation said about one in four Americans, or 76 million people, get sick from foodborne illnesses each year, more than 300,000 are hospitalized and 500,000 die.


CDC data reports 5,000 deaths per year from foodborne illness each year NOT 500,000

Sickened by pet food?


Salmonella outbreak sickens 388 across US- CDC

Salmonella-contaminated dry pet food sickened at least 79 people, including many young children, in October and November.

Your story says pet food sickened people. Is this for real? Or is it a blooper? May I be first to declare it!