Good, Bad, and Ugly

Reader reaction to Reuters news

That rich guy…


Americans seethe as banks hit them with new fees

“That I’m supposed to pay (Bank of America) money while they fire people so that they can make more money even though they are already richer that Croesus just offends me,” said Jim Brown, a federal government worker and Bank of America customer, referring to the wealthy king of Greek mythology.

The statement that Croesus was a wealthy king of Greek mythology is wrong.

Croesus was Roman and not mythological. He was a part of the First Triumvirate with Caesar and Pompey.

Please fact check…


One might quibble about our description of Croesus, a real figure who became the subject of myths.

However, I think you’re confusing him with Triumvirate member Marcus Licinius Crassus, who was a different man altogether: GBU Editor