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Long before dawn


Judge upholds eviction of Wall St. protesters

Protesters who had been kicked out in a surprise predawn raid were allowed back 16 hours later but were banned from bringing the tents and sleeping bags that had turned a square-block park near Wall Street into an urban campground the past two months.

Hundreds of police stormed the camp around 1 a.m. and dismantled tents, tarpaulins, outdoor furniture, mattresses and signs, arresting 147 people, including about a dozen who had chained themselves to each other and to trees.

Hi there, just a quick comment on this story.

Are there short nights in New York?

I appreciate that the move by police to evict Occupy Wall St protesters was pre-dawn in the strictest definition of the term, but does 1 a.m. New York time really qualify, when sunrise is around 6:40 a.m.?


Pre-dawn should not have been used in that context.

Common sense dictates that a 1 a.m event shouldn’t be described as pre-dawn. Our own style guide has this to say about the phrase:

Not the right word…


5.6 magnitude Oklahoma quake causes some damage

In Prague, Oklahoma, where the earlier quake was centered, City Manager Jim Greff said the latest tremblor caused a chimney to topple over and crash through the roof of a home.

The correct word is “temblor,” NOT “tremblor.” “Tremblor” SEEMS as if it would be appropriate, because the ground does tremble. Nevertheless, “tremblor” is wrong and “temblor” is right.

Too slangy?


Clues to Gaddafi’s death concealed from public view

Another man in the crowd lets out a high-pitched hysterical scream. Gaddafi then goes out of view and gunshots ring out. One of the fighters present said Gaddafi was in a bad way but alive when he was put in the ambulance.

In this article, the author uses the phrase “in a bad way” to describe Gaddafi’s status.

Just plain wrong…


Snowstorm blankets Denver area just days after balmy weather

DENVER, Oct 26 (Reuters) – A heavy, wet snowstorm descended on the Denver area early on Wednesday morning, causing widespread power outages and numerous car crashes and minor injuries in the Centennial State, officials said.

Just two days after record high temperatures, six inches of snow fell in the Denver area forcing the closure of roads in the mountains and eastern planes.

Not what we meant to say…


Then Saudi Arabian Foreign Policy Advisor Adel-Al-Jubeir gestures during a press conference in response to U.S. engineer Paul Marshal Johnson’s beheading at the Saudi Arabian Embassy in Washington, in this June 18, 2004 file photo.

Wow!  I must’ve missed the video footage of the beheading at the Embassy.

Man, that’s poorly worded!

M. T.

Sigh. Yes, that’s a sentence sorely in need of some editing: GBU Editor

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Before his death, huh?


Thousands attend funeral of executed convict Troy Davis At the end of the service, loudspeakers relayed an audio message from Davis recorded before his death in which he thanked his supporters and asked them to continue a campaign against the death penalty.

Recorded “before his death” ?

Nice work!


Yes, I suspect that last bit of information was fairly self-evident: GBU Editor

Protesters display banners in the protest area at the Georgia Diagnostic and Classification prison where convicted killer Troy Davis is set to be executed by lethal injection in Jackson, Georgia  September 21, 2011. REUTERS/Tami Chappell

Correcting errors?


ABC Attacked by ‘DWTS’ Fans Over Chaz Bono Casting

Bono, the only child of Sonny Bono and Cher, was born female but legally changed his gender and name last year. The announcement Monday that he would join the highly rated ABC dance competition immediately made him one of the highest-profile transgendered people in the world.

Chaz was born a MALE with a female anatomy. He didn’t “change his gender”, he CORRECTED his body so it matched his MALE BRAIN.

Great leap forward?


Moody’s cuts French banks as euro crisis deepens

While Europe’s leaders struggle to avert a first default in the 12-year-old single currency area, the head of the European Union’s executive challenged them to prepare for a great leap forward in fiscal integration that would be deeply divisive.

I wanted to point out some unfortunate language in your article. Your editors decided to include the phrase “great leap forward.”

Inexcusable word?


Scores burn to death in Kenya gas fire, police say

Kenyan media put the toll higher, saying more than 100 people were burnt to death and a similar number were taken to hospital in one of the worst fire disasters in the east African country.

Residents said petrol spilled from a fuel depot owned by the Kenya Pipeline Company and ran into a sewage dyke that runs under the slum, which is known as Sinai. The petrol ignited, causing an inferno that left charred corpses and burnt skeletons.

Offensive headlne?


I am writing with reference to your article, ‘Jacko’s doc represents rise in criminal prosecutions.’ I was extremely shocked a media establishment such as yours which is respected for its integrity would use such a term.

If you are unaware, ‘Jacko’ is not a term of endearement for Michael Jackson but is rooted in racism and negativity.