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Reader reaction to Reuters news

Mass graves…


First of 250 WWI soldiers from mass grave reburied

FRANCE/FROMELLES, France, Jan 30 (Reuters) – The first of 250 unknown British and Australian soldiers whose bodies were dumped by the Germans in mass graves in northern France during World War I was reburied on Saturday with full military honours.

Your story states that the bodies of the soldiers were ‘dumped’ by the Germans.

This, and what it implies, is incorrect. We know from the positions of the bodies in the mass graves that they were laid out with care, head to toe, and that although the graves had two layers of bodies in them the German troops had put soil between the layers.

All evidence points to them being buried with a degree of care, and that it was clear that it was ‘soldiers burying other soldiers’, rather than them being dumped.

Hanged, not hung


Baghdad bombs kill 36, Chemical Ali hung

IRAQ/TRIAL/ALIUm, it’s “Hanged”, executed, put to death, killed by hanging…never “Hung”! As John Cleese might have said, that would be “something completely different”!


Of course. We did use “hanged” on most of our news feeds, but hung briefly showed up on one site until we fixed it: GBU Editor

What are those?


U.S. Rep Frank sees ending housing GSEs in current form

gbu geithner 2 160Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner on Thursday said the Obama administration is committed to “reforms” of the GSEs, but said it would likely not be until 2011 until substantive changes are made.

This article: is so poorly written I don’t know what it’s about.

It jumps from Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac to executive compensation to GSEs. What the heck is a GSE?? Responsible journalism doesn’t use jargon, lingo, or esoteric phrases like this one. Absolutely no information is conveyed by this article.

The wrong word…



Venezuela Chavez nationalizes French-owned retailer CARACAS, Jan 17 (Reuters) – Venezuela’s socialist President Hugo Chavez on Sunday nationalized a chain of supermarkets controlled by France’s Casino on charges of price gauging after the government devalued the bolivar currency.

“Price gauging” should be “price gouging.”


Yes. We corrected: GBU Editor

People shop at a branch of Exito supermarket in Maracaibo January 18, 2010. Venezuela’s socialist President Hugo Chavez nationalized a chain of supermarkets on Sunday controlled by French retailer Casino on charges of price gouging which made Casino shares drop 1.8 percent, the top loser on Paris broad index. REUTERS/Isaac Urrutia

Confused about recused?


New emails show AIG mulled bank payment disclosures

USA/Geithner has said Fed officials had no choice but to allow AIG to pay the banks in full, but has denied any involvement in discussions to suppress disclosures. He reclused himself from matters involving AIG after being nominated for Treasury Secretary in November 2008.

The sixth paragraph ends with, “He reclused himself from matters involving AIG after being nominated for Treasury Secretary in November 2008.”

Salvaging food?



Bodies pile up after Haiti quake; aid jams airport

Looters swarmed a broken supermarket in the Delmas area of Port-au-Prince, carrying out electronics and bags of rice unchallenged. Others siphoned gasoline from a wrecked tanker.

It would be more humane if you would have written, “Starving, injured and traumatized victims of the earthquake peacefully salvaged food and electronics from a (partially?) collapsed supermarket (what is a broken supermarket?). Others took the opportunity to collect fuel from a wrecked tanker.”

Partner or spouse?


Obamas in, reality stars out in desirable neighbors poll

The U.S. first family were followed by TV chat show host Ellen DeGeneres and her partner Portia de Rossi, who tied with Republican Sarah Palin, in the poll by online real estate marketplace

USA/I found your article regarding the best/worst celeb neighbors, featured in Yahoo tv today, to be an interesting reflection on popular opinions.

Pilotless aircraft?


Pakistan government under pressure after deadly attack

gbu pilotless 240Washington, frustrated by what it says are inadequate efforts to wipe out the militants, has stepped up pilotless U.S. drone aircraft attacks on militants in Pakistan.

Please run a correction on the lede in your ‘drone attack; story that ran worldwide Jan.1, 2010. The word “pilotless” is totally inaccurate, as each drone is remotely operated by a fully trained and commissioned pilot who is sitting at the controls the entire time the plane is flying. Pilotless is inaccurate. Even the word drone implies that the plane flies itself, which it does not.

Separate the wheat from the chafe…

Air travel hassles worse after scare; shares dip SECURITY-AIRLINE/ Airlines chaffed at security restrictions that the Obama administration imposed in response to the incident on the Northwest flight, with big carriers reporting delays on inbound U.S. flights because of more airport screening.
I believe the author meant to write: “Airlines chafed at security restrictions…”

“Chaffed” means “joked light-heartedly” Phil You’re right: GBU Editor
Passenger buses are seen near Northwest flight 253 on the tarmac at Detroit Metro Airport in Romulus, Michigan December 27, 2009.  REUTERS/Rebecca Cook Join the Good, Bad, Ugly Facebook Blog Network

The wrong word…



Drug war abuses by Mexican army rise sharply

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) – Complaints of torture, murder and illegal detention by the Mexican army have jumped as soldiers have been dragged into a long, gruesome battle with powerful drug cartels, Amnesty International said on Tuesday. In March, 25 police officers were detained by the military, held incommunicado for 41 days and tortured to illicit false confessions, the Amnesty report said…

That’s “elicit”, Mr Editor, please.


Of course it is. We corrected: GBU Editor

A general view of a crime scene where a policeman was gunned down during his patrol in the border city of Ciudad Juarez December 10, 2009.  Drug hitmen shot several times at the patrol car, killing one police officer and injuring another, in a drive-by shooting, local media reported. REUTERS/Alejandro Bringas (MEXICO CONFLICT CRIME LAW POLITICS)