Good, Bad, and Ugly

Reader reaction to Reuters news



Fellow Iraqi turns tables on Bush shoe-thrower

Zaidi’s own outburst summed up the feelings of many Iraqis about the U.S. military invasion of their country and the ensuing bloodshed and sectarian killing.


You’re supposed to be impartial journalists, and this is the the way you describe the Iraq war?

Describing it as an “invasion” invokes very obvious partisan bias. Most of the U.S. considered it a liberation from the brutal dictatorship of Hussein. Even if you personally disagree, the tenets of basic journalism call for you to withhold your opinion from “news.”

Your blatant liberal bias makes you unfit to report the news. I recommend an swift dismissal of the editor who allowed this garbage in favor of one who actually understands the concept of objective journalism.

Careful, you’ll hit the boy!



Gibraltar holds 4 Spanish Police for questioning

However, London’s ambassador in Spain was obliged to make a public apology on November 20 after British soldiers based in Gibraltar shot at a boy painted in the colours of the Spanish flag during target practice.

An amusing mistake in your website article. I think you meant  ”buoy,” not “boy”.

Who you calling frumpy?


Susan Boyle makes smash debut on US album charts

Boyle, 48, a frumpy Scottish singer who became an international YouTube phenomenon after appearing on TV show “Britain’s Got Talent”, also topped the British album charts earlier this week.

I, along with a lot of people, are sick and tired of the words used to describe Susan Boyle ie. frumpy.

Who’s invading whom?


Cuba conducts war games with U.S. invasion in mind

HAVANA (Reuters) – Cuba began its biggest military maneuvers in five years on Thursday, saying they were needed to prepare for a possible invasion by the United States.

In regards to the headline, “Cuba conducts war games with U.S. invasion in mind” , I thought I’d point out that the way you folks worded that little gem would have had Chicken Little running around without a head, screaming…”The Cubans are coming! The Cubans are coming!”

The wrong word…


Cadbury hits new high as bidders circle

Many analysts doubt whether either of these three would bid alone, but possible combinations of them could trump Kraft’s current cash and shares bid of 9.9 billion pounds ($16.4 billion) or push the American food giant Kraft to raise its offer.

In my Canadian Oxford Dictionary the definition for “either” is “one or the other of two”.

Top shelf price?


Darwin book found on shelf worth up to $100,000

That is one expensive shelf! Have your copy editor read about dangling modifiers.

I suggest “Darwin book worth up to $100,000 found on shelf.” Unless, of course, you did mean that the shelf was worth so much money.



In New York, job winners will tweet from toilets

They won a contest that included aspiring actors, students and even a businessman hoping to seed his enterprise for the jobs to greet and chat with tourists and hoards of holiday shoppers visiting the Manhattan restrooms.

In this article the author uses the word “hoards” when he should have used the word “hordes”.

The wrong pronoun?


Transsexual in Italian political scandal murdered

ROME (Reuters) – A Brazilian transsexual caught up in a scandal which prompted the resignation of a senior Italian politician — the center-left governor of Lazio region, which includes Rome — was found burned to death in his home Friday.

I find it shocking that in this day and age, you still refer to a male-to-female transsexual as a “he”. I find this both old fashioned and disrespectful to the person you are reporting about.

It’s a mistake that gets its share of complaints


Susan Boyle album sets pre-order record on Amazon

Amazon said that Boyle’s album was not only the top CD pre-order in the United States, but also the biggest around the world in the 14-year history of it’s web site.

Obama in Asia – building block or bow?

“The United States is a big power that became used to having it’s way,” said Liu Jiangyong, a professor of East Asian security affairs at Tsinghua University in Beijing.

A Columban priest…


Kidnapped Irish priest freed in Philippines

MANILA (Reuters) – An Irish priest kidnapped in the southern Philippines a month ago was freed unharmed on Thursday, a senior church official and members of a Muslim rebel group said.

They said Michael Sinnott, a 78-year-old Columban priest who was snatched from the garden of a church on Oct 11, was handed over to police and government officials in the city of Zamboanga in the southern region of Mindanao shortly before dawn.