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A stylish addition?


Thanks for putting your styleguide online as a copy editor it is a very helpful document for me. I believe, though, that I found a typo in the entry for ancestor.

Frank S.

We’ve fixed that. Thanks for pointing it out: GBU Editor

I read in WSJ you have made your style guide available to the public. May I ask, where is it?


Several readers have asked how to find it. We’re working on making it easier to find, but in the meantime, you can get to the landing page here, and you may read a blog post about the project here. GBU Editor

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Charged with allegedly?


Chicago cemetery graves dug up and resold: police

CHICAGO, July 9 (Reuters) – Four Chicago-area cemetery workers have been charged with allegedly digging up graves and dumping the remains so the burial plots could be resold, prosecutors said on Thursday.

No, that is not true. Four Chicago-area cemetery workers have NOT been charged with allegedly digging up graves and dumping the remains.

Another Reuters?


Hi my name is Kyle Reuter and i was wondering if its legal for me to do News using my last name????


Um, I don’t like to duck questions, but I don’t think I’m really the right person to advise you on this one.

300 years old?


British WWI veteran becomes world’s oldest man

Allingham’s life has spanned three centuries and six monarchs, starting with Queen Victoria. He has five grandchildren, 12 great-grandchildren, 14 great-great grandchildren and one great-great-great grandchild.

Please verify that you meant to report this man’s life spanned three centuries. That would make him 300 years old I think…

Too many wrong words


Energy Secretary proudly admits: “I am a nerd” While many of President Barack Obama’s cabinet secretaries zoom around the nation’s capital in black sedans, Chu will occasionally pull into Energy Department headquarters on his bike, with his security detail peddling close behind.

Your story today on Energy Secretary Steven Chu riding to work on his bike, “with his security detail peddling close behind,” leave the reader wondering what the Secret Service is peddling. Energy efficient light bulbs, perhaps? Come on, writers and editors, open the dictionay and remember the homonyms you learned in 5th grade. Bikes aren’t peddled except by salesmen. Rab

EU sees tighter budgets when recovery takes hold “Most definitely we need to get back on a sustainable track of fiscal policy eventually, but I think 2009 is definitely still too early to start reigning in public spending,” Borg said.

In your lead story at 11:15 am today it should be reining, not reigning. Bertha

Ecuador vows tougher line on oil companies Ecuador has no significant production of precious metals, but foreign companies like Kinross Gold and Corriente Resources have found world-class deposits in the country’s Amazon juggle.

I suspect you meant “jungle.” A.T.

Sloppy editing on all counts. We fixed, of course, but not before readers noticed: GBU Editor

US Energy Secretary Steven Chu pauses before answering a question the Reuters Energy Summit in Washington, June 1, 2009. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

A lesson learnt?


Really, I do like you, Obama tells French and Germans

But he learnt, like the most popular kid in school who everyone wants to befriend, that the slightest gesture can seem like a snub to those anxious to be liked.

Was this an attempt at humor or did ‘learnt’ recently become an actual word?

Unfortunate wording?


Double blast against Obama shows strain on Qaeda

LONDON (Reuters) – A double blast from al Qaeda against Barack Obama shows shows the group is as worried as ever by the persuasive skills of the U.S. president, who makes a speech to Muslims on Thursday.

Are you stupid, or are you just pawns to the idiocy of internet news? What a stupid and irresponsible headline, double blast agains Obama !!!!!!!!!!!!

First Hispanic?


Racial ruling looms large for Sotomayor

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – As the first Hispanic nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court, Sonia Sotomayor has been praised as a trailblazer in her field but race-based hiring practices will likely loom large at her confirmation hearings.

This in fact is a false statement and needed to be corrected. She is the first FEMALE Hispanic not the first Hispanic. The first Hispanic was Justice Benjamin Cardozo, who was nominated by Pres. Hoover. Please see that this is corrected.

Dude, don’t use this in stories…

Wall St Week Ahead: Positive data needed to lift stocks


Also on the docket for next week is Dell Inc. The No. 2 PC maker said on Thursday that it is still cautious about corporate technology spending, but plans to make acquisitions and aggressively pursue enterprise customers in an attempt to win back market share in the United States.

Why would you put this “Dude” type stuff in the middle of a serious article? We look to reuters for updates on serious topics and there is no room for such nonsense in.

A pence for your thoughts?


Sterling plummets as S&P cuts UK rating outlook

The pound shed 3 cents on the day to fall as low as $1.5514 while the euro jumped more than one pence to 88.69 pence.

Can you inform your staff that you can’t have one pence. Pence is a plural and the singular is a penny.