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Reader reaction to Reuters news

Honey, I shrunk the income…


California voters soundly reject budget measures

Schwarzenegger last week said the government of the most populous state in the United States faced a shortfall of $15.4 billion for its next fiscal year even if the measures were approved — underscoring the severe downturn in state revenue. Personal income in California has shrank for the first time since 1938 amid a recession and double-digit unemployment.

In the article “California voters soundly reject budget measures,” the reader finds a sentence with an egregious grammatical error. There are three names on the story, so apparently it took three reporters across the country, from New York to Sacramento, to to make the error and leave it there.


I can’t deny that’s pretty embarrassing, but you should know that sometimes an error is introduced by the last person who touches a story in the editing process: GBU Editor

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger listen to U.S. President Barack Obama announce new federal standards to regulate both fuel economy and greenhouse gas emissions from automobiles while in the Rose Garden of the White House in Washington, May 19, 2009. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

Nuclear, nuclear, nuclear…


How can one of the world’s most respected news organizations allow a reporter to use a ‘Bushism’ like ‘nucular’? Please, teach him that ‘nucular’ is not a word – but instead a painfully public error.


Yes, I wish somebody had noticed that in the production stage. You’ll note the headline we used doesn’t make much sense, either. We’ve changed it to “Pakistan doctors protest Taliban.” GBU Editor

Headline way 2 strange?


V, U or W-shaped rebound? Temp firms don’t CI to I

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Staffing industry executives do not see eye to eye on the question of when the U.S. jobs market will stabilize and start to recover, but they are beginning to position themselves for an eventual upturn.

What kind of headline is this? It’s not even an English sentence.

I’m losing more and more respect for Reuters, or should I say reuters (lowercase)?

Is it Obama’s stuff?


Low-flying White House plane scares New Yorkers

NEW YORK, April 27 (Reuters) – One of President Barack Obama’s official planes flanked by an Air Force fighter jet flew low over the Statue of Liberty on Monday for a photo opportunity that reminded startled New Yorkers of the Sept. 11 attacks.

Your reporter mentions “One of President Barack Obama’s official planes…”

Sore subject



Your misspelling: Steinbrueck admitted long meetings cause his rear end to get soar and also…Sorry, just had to point that out to you.

Kirsten J.


Thanks for noticing. This was from one of our blogs. We fixed it: GBU Editor

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A fit of pique?


NBC Universal offers sneak peak at media earnings

PEAK???? Shouldn’t that be PEEK?


Of course. We corrected: GBU Editor

A real peak. Cloud rise behind Mount Everest, the world’s highest peak. REUTERS/Gopal Chitrakar

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Don’t tinkle with my freedoms…


Singapore says new law will prevent meeting disruption “But if the government wants to tinkle with individual freedom and democracy to an oppressive level it will actually become the source of public order problems.”
Did Legislator Sylvia Lim of the opposition Workers’ Party really say ‘tinkle?


I’m told that was an accurate quote, although she probably meant “tinker.” Since most of our readers are not familiar with Singapore English, or Singlish, it would have been more useful to paraphrase the quote or clarify the word: GBU Editor

Who you calling elderly?


More Americans wary of U.S. tax man this year

An elderly woman in Austin, Texas, who asked not to be named, said her $3,000 debt to the IRS grew to around $60,000 in taxes and penalties over 16 years despite the fact that she paid off the initial debt within six months.

The 61-year-old is disabled and suffers from multiple health problems.

I don’t know who or how old ‘Jasmin Melvin’ is but she(he) is mistaken if she thinks 61yrs is ‘elderly’. How ridiculous!

Bloody assaults?


Somali pirates hijack Greek-owned ship

Some fear the bloody assaults by Washington and Paris to free their hostages may raise the risk of future bloodshed. The pirates have vowed to take revenge on U.S. and French citizens. Everyone, including the U.S. government and military acknowledge that the growing problem of piracy off the cost of Somali requires more than a military solution. But to characterize a carefully considered rescue mission, made possible by expert training and extraordinary oversight as a “bloody assualt” fails to accuratetly report what happened.

Let us not forget that the pirates are the criminals here, and that every attempt was made to reason with them prior to this action.



Where you live may effect cancer survival

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – A study of neighborhoods suggests that modifiable factors, not genetics, underlie the racial disparities that have been seen in survival of breast and prostate cancer. In this headline, “Where you live may effect cancer survival”, I presume you mean that where one lives may INFLUENCE cancer risk, rather than CAUSE it. In that case, I suggest you change “effect” to “affect”. Bad show!
“Where You Live may AFFECT…” PLEASE learn the difference between AFFECT and EFFECT.
As a former teacher this kind of error is totally unacceptable and drives me crazy! Where are your copy editors?
Carol Quite a few readers commented on this one. We corrected: GBU Editor

Spanish actress Elsa Pataky poses during a photocall to bring awareness to breast cancer in central Madrid April 6, 2009. REUTERS/Juan Medina Join the Facebook Good, Bad, Ugly Blog Network