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Reader reaction to Reuters news

How much per dose?


Mexico seizes over 800 tonnes of meth chemicals If the seized chemicals were processed in a sophisticated lab they could yield nearly 3.5 million doses, which would have a street value in the United States of nearly $28 billion, Islas calculated on the basis of current market prices.

I think someone needs to brush up on their math skills, this would be $8,000 a dose, and that would solve the addiction problem.


The problem wasn’t our math skills, it was the basic numbers we used. We should have said nearly 350 million doses, not 3.5 million.

That’s where the problem occurred. We corrected: GBU Editor

A soldier stands guard as members of a forensic team, in chemical protective clothing, prepare to enter a warehouse used to store chemicals for illicit drug processing at an industrial park in Queretaro July 20, 2011. REUTERS/Demian Chavez

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The price of copper…


As copper soars, thieves extract a price

NEW YORK, July 13 (Reuters) – When thieves ransacked eight air conditioners in an apartment complex in the city of Mobile, Alabama, the culprits made off with $800 worth of scrap metal and left residents with $38,000 worth of damages.

The price of the red metal traded in New York HGc1 rallied to its highest in nearly three months during the first week of July, placing it within 5 percent of its all-time high of $465 per pound in mid-February this year. Even at roughly $439 on Wednesday morning, the price was still right for thieves.

It’s pretty far from here…


Black hole shreds star, sparking gamma ray flash
What makes this even stranger is that the black hole, located in the constellation Draco (The Dragon) about 4 billion light years, or 24 trillion miles (38.62 trillion km) from Earth, was sitting quietly, not eating much, when a star about the mass of our Sun moved into range.

This story contains a very large order of magnitude error.

Four billion light years is certainly not 24 trillion miles but 24 zettamiles, or 23 followed by 21 zeros. If the reporting were correct, then a light year would equal only about 6000 miles! Conversely, twenty-four trillion miles is not 4 billion light years, but 4 light years (the closest black hole to Earth is 1600 light years away).

It’s going to cost him more than that


IRS agent gets three years prison for filing false returns

An Internal Revenue Service agent was sentenced late on Wednesday to three years in prison for filing false tax returns for himself and unwitting relatives whose tax refunds he then stole, federal prosecutors said on Thursday.

The IRS revenue agent, Albert Bront, 51, formerly of Santa Clarita, California, also was ordered to pay more than $12,000 in restitution to the government.

Only $22 billion?


WikiLeaks founder Assange slams Swiss banker arrest

WIKILEAKS-SWISS/He said Switzerland was not the only country involved in the offshore banking structures that were depriving tax authorities worldwide of some $22 billion.

In German, a “billion” is what is typically called a “trillion” in English.

How hot was it?


Man dies in final of sauna championships

FINLAND-SAUNA/HELSINKI (Reuters) – A Russian man died in the finals of the world sauna championships in Finland after spending some six minutes sweltering in temperatures of 110 degrees Celsius (230.00F), organizers said Sunday.

Check your facts. I don’t think it is even humanly possible to spend 1 second in a sauna at 110 C. Perhaps it was 110 F?

Million vs. billion, again…

BP to invest £650 billion plus in alt energy

LAGUNA NIGUEL, California (Reuters) – Oil major BP Plc  plans to invest more than $1 billion (650 million pounds) this year on alternative energy development, the head of BP’s alternative energy unit said on Tuesday.

BP is not investing £650 BILLION plus – the article clearly states £650 MILLION (or ONE BILLION dollars)

100-year-old boomers?


Pharma seeks genetic clues to healthy aging LIFE SIXTYOne thing is sure: the pool of people to work with is growing fast. There are around 450,000 centenarians in the world today and experts estimate that thanks to aging baby-boomers, there could be a million across the world by 2030.   It’s not that much of an error, but baby-boomers are 1945 on, so they won’t start becoming centenarians until 2045, right?


Yes, several readers properly questioned our math. We corrected: GBU Editor

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton salutes the crowd as he leaves the stage in a 2006 file photo, just days before turning 60. REUTERS/J.P. Moczulski

Only five inches tall?


conversion grab

74.61 cm is 15.79244 inches NOT 5.37 inches. I like Reuters and respect their importance as a role model in relaying the truth throughout the worldwide media.


Thanks. Actually I think it’s more like 29 inches. We corrected it: GBU Editor

Faulty conversion…


Pentagon eyes accelerated “bunker buster” bomb

The MOP would be about one-third heavier than the 21,000-pound (9.5 million kg) GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast bomb — dubbed the “mother of all bombs” — that was dropped twice in tests at a Florida range in 2003.

21,000 pounds is approximately 9,500 kg, NOT 9,500,000 kg as listed.. it’s a factor of 1,000 off.