Good, Bad, and Ugly

Reader reaction to Reuters news

Readers get us in their sights…


Petraeus calls gunscope inscriptions ‘disturbing’ 
IRAQ ”This is a big concern to the Army and the Marine Corps, who have contracted for these particular sites,” said Petraeus, the head of U.S. Central Command, noting the religious sensitivities American forces face in the two Muslim countries. 

There is no such thing as a “site” on a rifle. To the uninformed journalist, the homophones “site” and “sight” are the same. To an intelligent person, a “sight” is a device on a rifle that is used for aiming purposes.

I am sure that Reuters has some sort of journalistic integrity and will clear up the mistake.


Don’t editors check for usage errors? “Sites” are places, not items for aiming rifles, namely “sights.”

Pilotless aircraft?


Pakistan government under pressure after deadly attack

gbu pilotless 240Washington, frustrated by what it says are inadequate efforts to wipe out the militants, has stepped up pilotless U.S. drone aircraft attacks on militants in Pakistan.

Please run a correction on the lede in your ‘drone attack; story that ran worldwide Jan.1, 2010. The word “pilotless” is totally inaccurate, as each drone is remotely operated by a fully trained and commissioned pilot who is sitting at the controls the entire time the plane is flying. Pilotless is inaccurate. Even the word drone implies that the plane flies itself, which it does not.

Who’s invading whom?


Cuba conducts war games with U.S. invasion in mind

HAVANA (Reuters) – Cuba began its biggest military maneuvers in five years on Thursday, saying they were needed to prepare for a possible invasion by the United States.

In regards to the headline, “Cuba conducts war games with U.S. invasion in mind” , I thought I’d point out that the way you folks worded that little gem would have had Chicken Little running around without a head, screaming…”The Cubans are coming! The Cubans are coming!”

Old story reappears


McChrystal tries to calm Afghans after air strike

Mon Sep 21, 2009 5:31pm EDT

YAQOUBI, Afghanistan (Reuters) – The commander of U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan flew on Saturday to the scene of a deadly air strike by his forces, trying to cool anger that threatens his strategy of winning hearts and minds.

Afghan officials say scores of people were killed, many of them civilians, when a U.S. F-15 fighter jet called in by German troops struck two hijacked fuel trucks before dawn on Friday

Towing what?


China urges U.S. to halt surveillance near its shores

In June, a Chinese submarine collided with an underground sonar array being towed by the destroyer USS John McCain, near Subic Bay in the Philippines.

There is no such thing as an underground sonar array… obviously you meant to say “underwater sonar array”.

Faulty conversion…


Pentagon eyes accelerated “bunker buster” bomb

The MOP would be about one-third heavier than the 21,000-pound (9.5 million kg) GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast bomb — dubbed the “mother of all bombs” — that was dropped twice in tests at a Florida range in 2003.

21,000 pounds is approximately 9,500 kg, NOT 9,500,000 kg as listed.. it’s a factor of 1,000 off.

Background video


In the video with this story, “Ex-U.S. Soldier guilty of Iraq rape,” footage is shown of U.S. Marines while the broadcaster speaks of a soldier brutally raping a young Iraqi girl.

As a former sergeant in the U.S. Marine Corps, this story is flagrantly insulting to the Marine Corps by showing footage of U.S. Marines while talking about an Army soldier raping and killing Iraqis. Not only does the video completely misrepresent the intent of the story, but it paints a convoluted image of Iraq by showing old footage of Marines.

Bloody assaults?


Somali pirates hijack Greek-owned ship

Some fear the bloody assaults by Washington and Paris to free their hostages may raise the risk of future bloodshed. The pirates have vowed to take revenge on U.S. and French citizens. Everyone, including the U.S. government and military acknowledge that the growing problem of piracy off the cost of Somali requires more than a military solution. But to characterize a carefully considered rescue mission, made possible by expert training and extraordinary oversight as a “bloody assualt” fails to accuratetly report what happened.

Let us not forget that the pirates are the criminals here, and that every attempt was made to reason with them prior to this action.

We’re not in Tampa…


U.S. President Barack Obama greets wellwishers upon his arrival at MacDill Air Force Base in Fort Myers, Florida February 10, 2009. Obama travelled to Fort Myers to push his administration’s economic stimulus package. REUTERS/Jason Reed

The picture on the web states “Reuters – President Barack Obama greets wellwishers upon his arrival at MacDill Air Force Base in Fort Myers, Florida.”



Marines force of 20,000 seen for Afghanistan

The marine-resistant ambush-protected trucks, or MRAPs, have not performed well off-road and Conway said the Marines would test a new version in the barren Afghan landscape that uses independent suspension instead of a heavy axle.

You state that MRAP stands for “marine-resistant ambush-protected”.

Are you kidding? How is a Marine going to use a Marine-resistant ambush-protected vehicle? Walk alongside it while some Army guys use it?