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Reader reaction to Reuters news

Profane pictures?


I have a complaint about profane pictures.

I visit with my family to read news together with my children.

We appreciate if the site continues to stay clean. Now we have started noticing that it displays pictures of Victoria’s Secret fashion show, or video on a beheaded Mexican blogger.

Please refrain from making your site sensational, and continue to keep it neat and elegant by placing visuals with more discretion.

A Florida reader

I understand your point, but not all of our content is intended for all readers, and it should have been pretty clear what to expect from those items in particular.

If it were me, reading the news with my children, I probably wouldn’t click on items headlined “Another Mexican blogger beheaded” or “Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.” GBU Editor

Feeding conspiracy theories?


Many people are linking through Yahoo to a photo you’re running of someone in boots walking on the US flag in Zuccotti Square.

It’s a hackneyed cliche, of course, that protestors hate their country. In this case, the photo seems to have been faked. I am not a Photoshop expert, but the light looks wrong, the edges look wrong, the shadows under the boots seem wrong.

What country was it?


We love to see your pictures every day but please, please mention the country after the city or province.

I think this is very very important thanks, Reuters.


Sometimes the production process we use strips out the country’s name, but we should manually restore it, as we did with several pictures in this slideshow after  you pointed it out to us: GBU Editor

The zoo is open…


The Minnesota Zoo re-opened on July 3 (2 days after the shutdown began) but its still reported on Reuters as being closed.


That photo was not a good choice to illustrate the ongoing story. We removed the picture: GBU Editor

Splendid photojournalism…


A demonstrator is detained by riot police during anti-austerity protests in Athens, June 29, 2011. Greece’s parliament has approved unpopular austerity measures on Wednesday, despite violent protests, to secure international funds to prevent the euro zone’s first sovereign default. REUTERS/John Kolesidis

Greek photo on Page 1 of the NY Times today, Thursday, is splendid photojournalism.

The wrong Lewis…


Somebody might want to sort this story out. Jerry Lewis and Jerry Lee Lewis are not the same person.


Indeed. We fixed it, but ouch: GBU Editor

U.S. rock and roll and country music singer and pianist Jerry Lee Lewis performs during his concert in Budapest October 31, 2010. REUTERS/Bernadett Szabo/Files

Offensive photo?



This picture is offensive and should be removed. It shows humanity at one of its weakest points. Imagine yourself in this youth’s position, regardless of opinion.

I am appalled that someone chose it as the front cover of the slideshow. We should be ashamed as humans beings, for treating people in this manner.

The wrong tomb?


gbu pope tomb 490

You have the wrong information in a photo caption.

The Photo is Benedict XVI praying in front of tomb of John Paul I. John Paul II is buried in ground, and has a slanting tombstone.


Indeed. We corrected the photo caption: GBU Editor

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A bad choice of photos…


gbu ship 490

You are showing one of our vessels (the Rotterdam Express) on your homepage with an article on a ship which blocks the Suez Canal. None of our vessels is involved in the incident and I have to ask you to remove the photo immediately from this article.

If you have sent this archive photo from Dec. 2005 out to customers in connection with this story please call the photo back. It suggests that our vessel broke down in the Suez Canal what is definitely not the case.

The wrong church?


gbu wrong churchCould you please correct the picture posted with this article?

The picture is of the Holy Trinity Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada, which in no way is connected to the story.

As a prominent landmark of Winnipeg, our Cathedral should in no way be associated with this article.